Friday, May 31, 2019

Check in

It looks like all of the quilts have made it to their last quilter, except for me. I am patiently waiting for the quilt top to arrive for me to quilt.

So far, I have received photos of six of the finished quilts. Five are on their way home and one will be heading home soon. There's a great variety so far and I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the fantastic finishes. Remember that you can send on the quilt as soon as you have finished the quilting and binding. The deadline is June 13, but I know a few will be late because people are on holiday or quilts were lost (and then found) along the way. Please don't forget to send me a photo before you send it to its final destination.

Being the organizer this year means that I get a sneak peak at all of the quilts - lucky me!

Well travelled

The well travelled block has arrived, hope to work on it today or/and tomorrow.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

WH finished and mailed

Julie, your completed WH and was mailed from Hayward, CA. You should receive it soon. Hope you like the little guy.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Huge Thank You & Plus quilt top to finish has arrived!

Just back from Vacation and received Happy Mail.

Received the cutest little quilt top to finish from Mary.

Also received my Finished Quilt from Glen!
Love, love, love it!!

Thank you to Traceyann, Julie & Glen for your wonderful work!!

Can’t wait to see how they gave all turned out!
Off to my sewing room...


Monday, May 27, 2019

Most Exciting Times!

this is the second moment in time I love about this Project. Waiting for the rounds to be finished up and mailed, waiting for mine to appear at my door.  Anticipation!

my most favorite time is when I get that first block, raw and untouched.  I get to take the first step in its new direction!

What is your favorite time?

Thanks for playing everyone!  Can’t wait to see my finished quilt!


Mailing to Liz

It's been a productive few days in my house and I've now quilted and (nearly) bound your quilt, Liz.  I'll finish the binding up tonight, then it's off to the post office tomorrow to get it started on its way back to you - hopefully it will NOT wander unncessarily. Laurina, I'll photograph it once the binding is finished and email you once I've done that...

Mailing to Diana

Ok, Diana - I've worked on the wandering block and it will be heading your way tomorrow (post office closed today of course for the bank holiday).  Be on the lookout!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Dear Clare, It's coming, maybe...

It was looking rather dicey for a moment this morning when the local post office wanted to ship priority mail. But another office was able to find a way around $71 priority. Apparently small post offices aren't equipped the same as their larger counterparts.

Nevertheless, it's off! It may take a few extra days or a year (I jest, I hope!) but it's out of my hands, and I have a tracking number that's good till the package leaves U.S. soil. Hahaha, country life in South Louisiana!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Received from Rachel

After taking a long trip to who knows where before heading back to Rachel, the missing block with one border, to which I need to add another border has arrived today back from Rachel. Yay!  I may not have time to work on it this weekend (I may) but luckily, I have a week off work next week, so I do hope to get to it. I haven't started quilting my block-with-two-borders yet, so I'm going to leapfrog this one over that one, so it can go to the last person as quickly as possible.  Who knows, if I have a good week (and perhaps if the weather isn't gorgeous, tempting me to be outside all the time) I will even get BOTH pieces finished up. I obviously won't get it to the next person before the 9th of May (unless I also spend the week inventing time travel), but I will do my best to get to it within two weeks of receipt. Just really glad it isn't lost!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Marie, Your Lucky Day

I mailed the package off to you just now.  The nice postman said it would be Monday or Tuesday at your doorstep.

I had to swear there was nothing flammable in it, although it is really smokin hot!

Please let me know when you receive it.

I hope you love it, I do!

glen in Louisiana

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Received with addendum

The last round mini arrived today.  I will have fun with this!  
Thank you Liz for the way you addressed the envelope!  It made me smile and made my day brighter.

Traceyann  :-)


The last round mini arrived today.  I will have fun with this!  
Thank you Liz for the way you addressed the envelope!  It made me smile and made my day brighter :-)

Monday, May 13, 2019

Quiltlet received

I need to decide how I want to finish this top.

The prodigal block is found!!!

The block with the first border that I sent to Kate in the UK about a month and a half ago,  which has been missing ever since, was returned to me in the mail Saturday!🙁  So I have resent the block and it should be there in a week!!🤞 I hope this doesnt cramp anybody's style or creative flow to catch up!!!!  I remember the lost block drama we had a few years ago, but its kind of agonizing when its you that mailed it!! Anyway, have fun Kate (for real this time, I hope!!!)!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

It's on it's way

Hi Nan, I sent your block off yesterday. Hopefully it will reach you by Monday or Tuesday. I'm sorry for sending it late and hope that it didn't cause you any undue problems.
Terri B.

Late Thank You

Hi Christa, The block got here before the deadline! It's looking very sweet. I really like the border you did. Now on to figure out how to quilt it!
Terri B

Dear Marie... with apologies

The second round block is on its way to you.
My apologies that it's late. Hope you enjoy,

New Hampshire to New Zealand

This little quilt top is finished & fun! 
On it's way to you Laurina!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

It it yours???

I recently inherited a vast number of vintage and antique buttons.  As I was quilting my project, it kept nudging toward that bucket of buttons.

It didn’t take me long to find the most amazing buttons that matched the colors perfectly!

Buttons used to be so incredible.  Have you ever noticed that?  We have such boring buttons these days.

I am sure the recipient will enjoy sharing part of my inheritance with me.

I’ll let y’all know when I can mail it off!

Who wants it????

New Zealand to California -- arrived

Laurina, your package arrived today, and all I can say is "WOW!"  -- what a great quilt top.


On it's Way and Received

The final round should get to Christa tomorrow (Friday) and I have the one from Cindy to work on.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hi   Terry
Your fabric block arrived safe and sound today   Clare

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Update on this round

Most of the quilts are in transit or have been received by the next quilter. A few are late so I just wanted to post an update so everyone knows what's happening with theirs.

  • Allison to Christa - I have not heard if this has been sent or received, please let me know.
  • Kate to Diana - Kate has still not received the previous round. I will need to work out what to do about this one.
  • Marie to Laurina - running late.
  • Mary to Marie - running late.
  • Terri to Nan - running late.

If you have received yours and have not posted about it, please do. For those that are late, make sure you post on the blog when you send it. Thanks.

For those of you who have received yours and are working on the final round of layering, quilting, and binding: you can send the finished quilt as soon as you finish them. Please make sure that you take a photo before you send your finished quilt back home and email me the photo.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Dear Rachael... oh wow!

I already have an idea or two.
It's just going to have to sit and percolate in the queue so I can get my (late) block out before quilting this one.
Love it!

In the mail to Tracyann

I didn’t realize this round was going to Canada.  Sorry Tracyann.  The post office said it would be next week for arrival.  It may be a few days later than the ninth.


Saturday, May 4, 2019

Furiously Working Away

Hi Nan,
I was hoping to get the block done last week. Then I wanted to get the block done on Monday. Then I wanted to get it done on see the pattern. I wasn't goofing off either. I was working on the block hours every day. I had to look up block patterns and then make samples to make sure they were right. I am a slow quilter, period. Monday will be the day! Mailing from California, I hope it will be there on the 9th.
Terri B.

Recieved and Sent!!!

Finished my block with 2 borders and sent it on to Mary in Louisiana! Have Fun!!!
And my block to quilt was recieved from Diana.  I sure made it in good time!!!

Friday, May 3, 2019

The last round - layering, quilting, & binding

With most of the quilts heading off to the last round I thought it was time to talk about quilting. As usual, I will say the same thing that I have for all of the rounds - the Cotton Robin is a great opportunity to try something new. The small quilt size means that you can hand or machine quilt without much trouble because it's easy maneuver and turn.

With a small quilt, everything should scale down, and the quilting should enhance the work that has been done. Try to think of your quilting as something beyond just holding the layers together. I've read more than a few books on machine quilting and one of my favorites was called "Quilting Makes the Quilt" by Lee Cleland. She quilts a series of quilt pairs in 2 different ways. It shows how much the quilting can change the look of a piece. I confess, I don't like all of the quilts in the book, but the ideas in it have stuck with me. The title itself suggests that without the quilting, you don't have a quilt.

Quilting on Andrea's quilt, 2018

I struggled trying to work out the quilting for this one last year. I wanted to keep the simplicity of the center embroidered block and echo the playfulness of the cats. Here is a close up that shows the little balls of yarn I created for everyone to play with. One thing I like to do is take a photo of the quilt and then print multiple copies. I hand draw some quilting ideas either directly on the paper with a pen or sometimes on tracing paper with a pencil. It's a good way to see if your ideas are actually going to work.

Close up of quilting

As I look back on some of the quilting I've done for the Cotton Robin, I might try something different with that same quilt today. But, the one thing I've learned with my quilting is that you have to commit and follow through. Pulling out free-motion machine quilting is almost impossible (trust me, I've done it). Go back through the reveals from previous years (usually in June or July) and get some inspiration - there is some fantastic quilting to admire.

Finally, the binding, which is the last opportunity to add some personality to the finished piece. In Andrea's quilt above I chose a bright blue that appeared a few times in the print and on one of the cat collars. Red was the obvious first choice, but I think the blue looks great. One of my favorite quilts over the years was this one for Allison. The quilting was all straight-line but I added a 4-color binding to extend the colors from the center out to the edges.

Quilting on Allison's quilt, 2017

I can't believe this year's Cotton Robin is coming near the end. It's been quite an adventure.

On it's way

My husband is on the way to the postoffice right now (for the second time today ... looks like things get accomplished). It's the center with two borders to Terri in CA. I should be within the deadline. Always trying hard.

Hope I will get the quilting project soon because I will leave on a trip before the end of May and certainly would like to mail it off before. The quilting part is always my most difficult. Still, I am looking forward to it. Love the Cotton Robin!

Final border

Allison, I'll get the final block to you at the meeting Tuesday!  Hope to see you there.

Final block received

Clare, I received the block today.  Thank you so much for having it to me on time.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Next round on its way to Julie

A little later than I planned, but it is finally heading to Julie in CA. Should be there in a week, I hope. - Laurina -

Block with two borders

Yesterday I mailed the block to Clare in Australia.  Postage was $14.25 and the postal clerk could not tell me when it would arrive.

I also received the pkg. From Tish to finish and mail to it's owner.
Laurina, I see you posted i received a block from you.  I have not.  I think you must be thinking of the one I received from Nan.  That is the one I mailed to Clare.
Received Center Block with 2 borders today from Peggy B.
Also.  Mailed my block to Terry F a while back and she let me know that she received it.

- from TISH

Round Robin updates

Received Center Block with 2 borders today from Peggy B.
Also.  Mailed my block to Terry F a while back and she let me know that she received it.

- from TISH