Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Big Reveal - 2017 Edition

Well, there's still one quilt missing, but the finisher has gone AWOL and won't communicate at all... I asked her to send me the unquilted top but got no response. Terri, if you have a photo of the top you sent to New Mexico, please send it to me.

I just need to throw in a small rant about "Blogger". Getting the photos in the format I wanted has proved to be impossible, so I apologize for any inconsistencies. Sometimes I could set them left and right in the same row, sometimes not.  Sometimes I could add a caption, sometimes not. Sometimes when I tried to add a caption the picture disappeared, and very often the ones I tried to position "left" came out "right".   Totally frustrating system!  Deep breath... and

Without further ado, here's the parade:

Allison's center block

quilt made by Julie, Liz and Laurina
Anne's center block
quilt made by Kate, Marie and Peggy

Cathy's center block

quilt made by Laurina, Mary and Liz

Christa's center block
quilt made by Liz, Nan and Mary

Diana's center block
quilt made by Marie, Rachel and Terry

Donna's center block
quilt made by Mary, Peggy and Marie

Elizabeth's center block

quilt made by Nan, Sandra and Rachel

Glen's center block (made by Julie)
quilt made by Peggy, Shannon and Sandra

Helen's center block

quilt made by Rachel and Julie (border and quilting)

Julie's center block
quilt made by Sandra, Susie and Shannon

Kate's center block -- the missing quilt!

Laurina's center block
quilt made by Sophie, Terry and Allison

Liz's center block
quilt made by Susie, Traceyann and Terri

Marie's center block
quilt made by Terri, Allison and Nan
Mary's center block

quilt made by Terry, Anne and Susie

Nan's center block
quilt made by Traceyann, Cathy and Anne

Peggy's center block
quilt made by Allison, Christa and Traceyann

Rachel's center block
quilt made by Anne, Diana and Christa

Sandra's center block
quilt made by Cathy, Donna and Diana

Shannon's center block

quilt made by Christa, Elizabeth and Cathy

Sophie's center block
quilt made by Diana, Glen and Donna

Susie's center block
quilt made by Donna, Helen and Elizabeth

Terri's center block

quilt made by Elizabeth, Julie and Glen

Terry's center block
quilt made by Glen, Kate and Helen

Traceyann's center block
quilt made by Helen, Laurina and Kate

Yay!  I got through another round of this insanity!  Hope you enjoyed the process and the reveal.



Glen QuiltSwissy said...

All the quilts are so amazing, and wonderful. As usual! Thank you Julie, for keeping me in this year when I lost everything in the August floods. It seems like the Robin had more than usual difficulties this year. I would be more than happy to participate in a mini round for Kate if you wanted to do that for her. Sort of "pay it back" for the help I received!

Special thanks to Sandra for the amazing quilting and to Peggy and Shannon for the rounds that added so creatively to that house with the water coming up! I adore it!

I was excited to work on Sophie's, Terry's and Terri's quilts. You must have chuckled when you gave me all the Terry/Terri quilts! I stepped out of my box and added that free flying cardinal inspired by the poem embroidered on the top. I think I need to add that idea to my wheelhouse for the future!

I second guessed myself with that gold around Terry's star, but I really like how it sets that star on fire!

Thanks Julie, for hanging in there with us, I really love the challenge of designing outside my comfort zone and growing a bit more each year.


Kate North said...

How funny is it that two of us used one of the same birds as a centre block! I'm sure mine will turn up someday, so I'm not too worried, though it's a shame I didn't get to see what fun stuff happened to it along the away. I do have a big stack of those birds (I won them years ago in the Block Lotto and haven't done anything with them yet) so maybe I should pull another one out and make myself a little piece from it...

The quilts, as usual, all look so amazing - I love the variety of ideas and approaches. It's what makes this round robin so fun, year on year.

Terry in California said...

This years results are so wonderful. As I looked through them, I must have thought, " this is my favorite" over and over again. The Robineers are a talented group of quilters. Thank you to those that worked on my WH. It is perfect, And was up for the 4th. Thank you Julie for all your coordination. I really look forward to the Cotton Robin! I would be glad to help with a replacement for Kate, if her block has disappeared.

Laurina said...

As usual, a lovely collection of little quilts. I love the creative challenge every year and I always try to do something new each time a piece arrives in the mail. It's such a great opportunity to try something out on a small scale. Thanks Julie for another fun round robin!

roccagal said...

It seems always such a pleasure to work on the different quilts! Glenn I had fun quilting your little house!