Saturday, July 2, 2016

Late ... But On It's Way to Cathy

It has been a real comedy of errors around my house, made worse by a huge dose of life stress ... but Cathy's little quilt is on it's way to Iowa.

One of the things-gone-wrong was when I broke a sewing machine needle last night and couldn't find a package of needles anywhere. Earlier in the day I was supposed to find out if I was going to be offered a job ... instead I heard that one of the interviews (of another candidate) was moved to next week, so I won't hear anything until then.  I really need/want this job and the stress of waiting all week to be told to wait another week got to me a lot.  So much so, that when I broke the needle it didn't occur to me until much later (this morning), that I could have used one of my OTHER sewing machines (or at least taken the needle out of one of them ... doh!

It was a bit of a mad rush to finish before the Post Office closed ... but I made it and it's on it's way.  Sorry for the delay.

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Marie Joerger said...

Hang in there Sophie! I'm sure it will be worth the wait!!