Monday, December 14, 2015

Let's get this party rolling!

I have 15 players so far, and I'll send you each an email with mailing assignments later on. If you haven't let me know that you want to play, yet -- there's still time before the end of the year!

Here are the basic instructions:

You will make a center block, which may be square or rectangular. It may have maximum dimensions of 9.5" x 9.5" or 8.5" x 10.5" (unfinished dimensions) 

You will send the block to me with $2 in cash or stamps or chocolate to defray my postage costs for the next mailing.  (I'll be sending you my mailing address)

You may include a very small amount of extra fabric (no more than 1/4 yard), a quilt label, and/or some words about your likes and dislikes -- all of these are optional.

I will then send you someone else's center block,to which you will add a pieced border, following the color/style clues from the center block and any notes the maker may have provided.

You'll then mail that block-plus-border to someone else.

You will receive another project in the mail;  to this you will add a second border. 

Then you will mail the block-plus-two-borders to another person.

You will receive a final project in the mail.  You will add batting and backing and quilt this and bind it.  It’s nice to include a hanging sleeve as well.  You will mail the finished quilt along with the label (if there was one) to its original maker.

Please keep in mind that the finished quilt shouldn’t be bigger than (approximately) 20” x 20”, so size your borders accordingly, and remember to leave enough “space” for a second border when you are constructing the first border.  You can include plain strips if needed or desired for sizing or decoration, but the main borders should not be plain strips!   

Please do not add any embellishments (beads, etc) to the borders – you may add them when you’re doing the quilting, if you wish. 

Please do not use any fabrics in the borders that cannot be washed and ironed or that are especially prone to raveling ... we've had issues!

You will not post any photos of your center block or borders here or elsewhere -- but you may post "teaser" photos of the borders without the center block showing, or with color changes, etc.  Please email me a photo of the finished quilt before you send it "home".

You will email me or post to the blog when you send something and when you receive something, so that I can keep track!

Hope you all have terrific holidays, and don't forget to work on your centers! 


p.s.  I've probably forgotten something important, but we'll catch up to it later.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Clock is Ticking!

Don't forget the 2016 edition of the Cotton Robin will start soon -- check out the important dates for 2016 in the sidebar to the right... and this year's important rules in a previous post.

You can sign up until the end of the year. We're sort of light on participants so far, so if you haven't contacted me yet -- please do!  If you want to post a link to this blog somewhere else, that's okay, too.

(If you have already told me you're interested, no need to do it again. I have a list, just like Santa)


Sunday, November 8, 2015

One more thing...

If you comment on the blog and expect me to answer, you need to make sure you're not a "no reply" commenter  (Susan B -- that's you!)

You can send me an email instead of a comment (jwaldman52 at or change the settings on your account so that I can reply to the comment, or include your email in the comment itself.



Thursday, November 5, 2015

Am I Crazy or What?

Call the men in the white coats... I'm getting ready to launch the 2016 Cotton Robin!

Send me a comment or an email if you're interested in signing up, and feel free to enlist your quilty friends if they have the "chops" to play along.

I do want to make it very clear that I'm going to be more stringent about a few rules this time around -- I hint at them every year, but there are always some rebels -- so PLEASE READ THEM and don't sign up if you're not willing to comply:

- absolutely DO NOT use any fabric except quilting cotton unless you are doing the quilting/binding round and want to use it for embellishment.  Same with beads, buttons, or anything else that can't be quilted through.  I've had more negative comments about this than anything else.

- you MUST put some effort into your borders. A pieced border has to be more than just a plain piece of fabric with a couple of HSTs tossed in. If you're in doubt, take a look at the various "big reveal" posts here, here, and here to see the range of work that's been done. (I'm not saying you have to do 200-piece borders if you don't want to, but you have to do more than the minimum!)

- you must communicate: either email or post to the blog when you receive or send a round.  I really don't like having to chase people down to find out the status of something.  If you know you're going to be out of email range for a while, let me know in advance.  If you know you're going to be late finishing a round, let me know in advance.  Stuff happens, and that's understood, but keep in touch...

Okay -- I'm not meaning to be harsh, but want to try for the best possible result for everyone.  We'll follow pretty much the same timetable again, with center blocks due in January.  Watch for more information & firm dates sometime later this month.

Play on...


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Here it is... The Big Reveal!

note: edited to correct the quilters for Sandra's quilt!

As always, Blogger has defeated my attempts to present these in alphabetical order, but as long as all the quilts are right-side up, I'm not going to stress...  With no further ado, here are the 2015 results!

This was Catherine's starting block
and the quilt finished by Jay, Laurina and Tami

Here is Cathy A's center block
 and the quilt made by Terry, Marie, and Cathy L

 This was Cathy L's center
 and the quilt made by Tami, Sophie and Helen. (love the photo, Helen!)

Here is Jay's center block
 and the quilt made by Catherine, Glen and Liz

Here is Julie's center block
 and the quilt made by Diana, Shannon and Sophie
 This was Kate's center
 and the quilt made by Shannon, Cathy L and Rachel

This was Laurina's block
 and the quilt made by Kate, Nan and Terri

 This center block was made by Liz
 and the quilt was finished by Laurina, Diana and Maria

 This block came from Maria
and the quilt was made by Glen, Kate and Cathy A

here is Marie's center block

and the quilt made by Julie, Liz and Sandra

Mary Jane made this block
and here is the quilt made by Sophie, Terry and Laurina

This is Nan's center
and the quilt was made by Liz, Helen and Mary Jane

Rachel made this block
and the quilt was finished by Mary Jane, Sandra and Shannon

This was Sandra's block
and the quilt was made by Cathy L, Jay and Catherine

Shannon started with this block
and the quilt was made by Marie, Mary Jane and Julie

Sophie made this center
and the quilt was finished by Terri, Rachel and Jay

This was Tami's center block
and the quilt was made by Sandra, Catherine and Marie

Here is Terri's center
and the quilt made by Cathy A, Julie and Kate

Terry started with this center block
and the quilt was finished by Helen, Maria and Nan

here is Diana's center
and the quilt made by Rachel, Tami and Glen

Glen started with this block
and the quilt was made by Maria, Terri and Diana

last but not least... This was Helen's center block
and the quilt was made by Nan, Cathy A and Terry

I hope you've enjoyed the show!  Stay tuned for the next installment...maybe sometime later this year.  In the meantime, if you have suggestions for new challenges, let me know.
Thanks for playing!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Last one is home

My little quilt arrived this morning and I think it's the last one left. Thank you to all of the lovely quilters that worked on it and made it so special (and very purple). Can't wait to see all of those beauties in the big reveal!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

got it!

I was away for a few days and this morning I went to the mailbox and there was my lovely mini!
Such a wonderful finish by my fellow Robineers! 
Thanks to all-I JUST LUV IT!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

almost there!

I'm just waiting for one more quilt to arrive home and then I'll post the Big Reveal!

(it's always Canada, you know...)


Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Remember how Julie challenged us at beginning to challenge ourselves and try something outside our comfort zone? I did not like my center block just not I received a WH that is wonderful I could not stop raving about it.The quilting is something I could never do. Thank you ladies so much!

Safe and sound

...and my lovely piece landed in my mailbox safe and sound today as well. Great job, ladies - everyone has carried on with my somewhat limited palette choices in the starter block, but it totally works, and the quilting suits the quilt very well - I've got it up on the wall (actually, a door) already and am very pleased with how it came out!  Thanks to all who worked on it.

Double and Triple WOW!

I just got my finished quilt from "over the pond!" It is fantabulous! I absolute love it. Each border is so creative and perfect for the quilt. The quilting was fantastic, it fit in beautifully. I'm am overwhelmed! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the ladies who worked on it! The post that brought it here was from North. Pretty tricky, and no fair, not putting a first name! I appreciate everything was done to make my quilt block into such a bright, happy quilt.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

status report

Okay, all the quilts are in the mail. 

Please let me know when you receive yours:
- Catherine
- Kate
- Laurina
- Sandra
- Terri
- Terry



Monday, July 6, 2015

It's here (and it's GORGEOUS!)

At the beginning of one of my more disastrous moves, I received email from Julie telling me that I should have received my quilt ... the post office is between old place and new place and I stopped in twice last week, hoping to ask them to go look for a package for me.   The first time they hadn't opened yet because of a "computer problem" and the line of people waiting for them to open (with no ETA) was almost out the door.  The second time the line was twice as long (and was out the door into the Mall) and there was only one, person–a newbie–at the counter and I decided I couldn't wait.

This morning I tried one more time.  There was actually a notice for a parcel in my PO box and so I took it to the counter and told them I thought there were actually two or three packages for me.  They found two ... I am still waiting, I guess for some fabric I won that was supposedly sent by the fabric company a month ago ...

I got home and ripped open the package.  I have no idea who did the work on my quilt except for Jay, who quilted and finished it, but I LOVE IT and thank you all, whoever you are.

I now have four Cotton Robin quilts and plan to hang them together (as soon as I am unpacked enough to manage it and find an appropriate wall ;-)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Quilt Received!

I received my quilt and now have to rearrange my hallway quilt display of all the mini quilts so that there will be room to add the latest addition. I can't wait for all the quilts to be revealed. Mine has the prettiest little pebbles quilted on it. :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

All Done!

Okay, it took a bit longer than I expected to finish up that center stitch-in-the-ditch and knotting/burying the threads. But the quilt is finished and is going out in the mail tomorrow morning. Here's a sneak peek of it. The feathers are done with the IQ (computerized longarm) but the pebbles and lined borders are hand guided free-motion quilting. The batting is a scrap of Warm & Natural cotton, doubled up for a bit more loft. Thread used is Superior Threads So Fine 50 weight thread in a contrasting color. Oops, I almost let loose what the colors of the quilt are. Ah, and finally the binding is the traditional sewn mitered corners method which really fills out the edges with batting. If you want a great tutorial on it, check out Flourishing Palm's website:

UPDATE: It's now safely in the hands of the United States Postal system. :-)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Got the little quilt done and in the mail!!!! They said it would take 7-10 days to the UK. It was alittle hard to figure out how to quilt but I like how it turned out, so I hope you do, too, Kate!!!
Yay! My quilt is done. I'm mailing it today, but it has a ways to go to New Zealand! I think it's adorable and hope it is pretty for you.

Julie, I'll send you the picture today!


Monday, June 29, 2015

It's that time...

here in sunny Budapest it's June 30 -- so your little quilts should be finished up and ready for mailing if they haven't been mailed already.

I have photos of most of the quilts but not all of them.

I need to heard from Catherine, Liz, Rachel, Terri, Marie and Nan about the status of the quilts you're working on.



My Beautiful Quilt Has Arrived

All the way from Canada.  I'm blown away at how gorgeous it is!!!

Thanks to all who had a hand in making it beautiful!!!


It's here!!

Woohoo! My well traveled little quilt has landed safely at home and is hanging already on my sewing room wall.  It's so pretty.  Thank you all who worked on it.   I can't wait to see all the others.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Close to the wire!

Usually, I like to finish off my part of a round robin a couple of weeks before the absolute deadline and get them moving along, but I'm afraid with the quilting round, it's going to be right down to the wire - I have started quilting, but not finished (changed my mind several times and had to do a little unpicking). I will be able to get it in the post by the 30th, but probably only just.  Part of the problem for me has been visiting universities with my eldest - taking up all my weekends at the moment, just about! Sigh.

My how my block has grown!

My precious little quilt block arrive home yesterday, all grown up! I see that it blossomed prettier and more creative with each of it's stops!  All the care that was taken is evident and it is just beautiful!! I couldn't be happier! 

It took me a little time to find my starting block, the fabrics blended so wonderful!  And the hand top-stitching is such a lovely finishing touch!  I love what you did with it Sandra!

Can't wait to find out my other two helpers in this lovely little quilt!

I'm busting through the quilting on the beautiful little quilt I was assigned.  Will have it in the mail on time but might still be working on it this weekend :)  It'll be worth the wait - the players have giving me a wonderful surface to play on with my freemotion quilting!  Two bobbins down another one or two to go!!

Thank you Julie - once again it is a pleasure to be part of this creative group!


Home again

arrived home from vacation also and my quilt was waiting for me.  It is delightful!  Thank you so much to all that worked on it.  Love it!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Just got home from 3 weeks vacation to find my beautiful little quilt!!!  It is gorgeous! !! Thank you to all who worked on it and to Julie for this great group!!!
Not to finish quilting the one I have so I can get it the mail!!!!

Lots of thread ends to go

I'm almost finished quilting my quilt top ... just need to do some SID around the center block. There's a mix of custom free hand quilting as well as some computer aided quilting done with the IQ. As a result when I take this quilt off the longarm frame there will be LOTS of thread ends to knot/bury. I jumped around from border to border and had the stops/starts to show for it. But I am very excited to share it with everyone soon. :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I finished binding and quilting Liz's mini today and it will be on the way to her either tomorrow or Tuesday. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The finished quilt for Cathy A is on it's way to Canada.  It was mailed today.

Cathy L

Monday, June 15, 2015

getting closer

Hi all,

It's June 15 (unless you're in new Zealand...) which means it's getting close to the June 30 mailing deadline for finished quilts!  I have photos of half of them, and a few have even made it home already.

If you're not done yet, please move this closer to the top of your list of priorities!

Don't forget to send me a photo of the finished quilt by email, and to let me know when you've mailed and when you've received.

I'll be on vacation for a couple of weeks so I'll tally everything up at the end of the month and -- I hope -- be ready to post the BIG REVEAL early in July.



Thursday, June 11, 2015


Finished binding last night!
It took me awhile as I had carpal tunnel surgery
 about a month ago, so quilting and binding had to wait a bit!
Luv the finished product!
I hope the recipient does as well!
Mailing out early next week!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Received and Loving It

I just got home from a week's vacation this morning.   Even before I unpacked I opened my mail to find one of the cutest darned quilts I have ever seen! Some creative ladies did a fab job! Thank you.

Now I need to finish up binding the quilt I have to finish and get that in the mail hopefully within the next couple of days.  I had hoped to finish and mail it before I left but it wasn't meant to be.


Monday, June 8, 2015

in the mail, and new book!

My finished quilt will go in the mail tomorrow morning -- it's heading east! (not difficult, since I live on the west coast)

Just a little too late for this year's robin, I won a new book on a recent blog hop.  It's the Modern Medallion Workbook, and it's got a ton of ideas for borders. 
The publisher is C&T (yes I do some freelance work for them, but they still let me win!) and since there are quilts from 11 designers there's a lot of variety.   Worth taking a look at for next year...



Mailing by Wednesday!

Here is a totally conceited sneak peak of my awesome circle quilting to finish it up!


Another Finished Quilt Heads West ...

I just finished stitching down the binding and will be taking the last of the Cotton Robin quilts that have passed through my hands to the post office later today.

I don't think I'm giving away too much, to share this very close look at some of the free motion quilting. I really had fun with it.

Quilting Detail from Last Quilt.

(The colors are so far off in this photo that I wouldn't use them to hazard a guess about anything ... )

Now, all that's left is the most agonizing part ... to wait for MY quilt to come home and to see the great reveal to find out whose quilts those others were that passed through my hands and what became of them ...


My piece arrived from New Zealand today.  Directions followed to a tee.  Still not a big fan of the color, but really like what each of you did.  It is just right.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I am going to live now

It was doubtful this  week as I fought pneumonia.  Today I actually got up and cleaned the kitchen!  You know I am better!

I will get my piece completed this weekend and off Monday or Tuesday.  Still not late, but just not dead yet!  LOL


Quilt Arrived in Tennessee!!!

My little quilt arrived from Terry in California.  I can't wait to hang it up, it is absolutely stunning!!  It was a wonderful surprise on a very bad day.  A huge thank you to all who worked on it (I suppose you will find out soon who you are).


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Little quilt on its way home

I dropped the finished quilt into the mail this morning and it is on its way to MJ in GA. I actually finished it about 2 days after it arrived almost a month ago and it's been hanging on the design wall until it was time to send it. So, it might have been the first to be finished, but I will confess that this quilt was so teeny-tiny there wasn't much to quilt.

This is the worst part of the Cotton Robin - patiently waiting for all of the quilts to find their way home so we can see the big reveal. Oh, it's so hard to be patient.

Monday, June 1, 2015

My Quilt Arriived From Texas

Diana of Sweetwater finished it up.  I was just leaving for my Modern Guild when Frank picked up the mail so they were the first people to see it!

And it was love at first sight!

Frank said it was his favorite from all the years!  I just adore it!

Thanks to all who worked on my fabulous little piece!

I wish you all could see what a beauty it is!

glen in Louisiana

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Finished Piece

I too have finished the little quilt that most recently arrived at my house.  I plan on mailing it Monday.  I do know it is headed west - but as I live in Georgia - oh well - still a secret.  If the recipient does not like this one, send it right on back to me.  Oh and I used one of my office mailing labels, so a package from a lawyer in South Georgia is not dangerous this time. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Quilt for Cathy L!

Finished the little quilt!  It is all packed up and will be mailed to Cathy in IA Monday or Wednesday.....Hope you LOVE it!  The people that did the 2 borders did a pretty awesome job.  Knowing how this one turned out really has me excited to see what will arrive in Nashville!!!

Enjoy :-)
Helen (Nashville, TN)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Received and Loving It!

Got my center with two rounds to finish!  Thanks, I have to think on it a bit.  Nothing is jumping out at me right now, but I will put it on the design wall while I pull the wallpaper off my bathroom!  It will come.

glen:  thanks Teri, uh I mean Tami.......LOL  I love the little squares!

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Last Lap

Hi Robineers!

All of the center-with-two-borders have been mailed out, and most have been received. If you're one of the few people (two, I think) who haven't let me know they received a top -- please remember to post when you have it.

A couple of reminders:

- don't forget to email me a photo of the finished quilt, once you've finished.  It would be great if you could take the photo straight on, rather than at an angle.  (I put the quilt on the floor and stand over it to take a picture...)

- the deadline for mailing your finished quilt is June 30 -- plenty of time -- but please don't mail it before June 1.  I don't want anyone getting into a panic when their own quilt arrives home before they've even started working on the finishing!


(still trying to figure out what on earth to do with the quilt I need to quilt)


I received my block-with-two-borders and it's fabulous.  Really exquisitely done piecing.  I'm working on the quilting now!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Denver Dear Jane Blocks

The blocks on the left are the ones I completed in Denver CO this past week.  On the right is the whole collection so far.  I am enjoying my journey.

Happy stitching.

Frog Quilter