Monday, July 7, 2014

Here it comes -- THE BIG REVEAL!

I'll just start off by saying that quilters are really nice people -- as if you didn't know that! We had two robineers drop out mid-term for various personal reasons, and not only did a whole bunch of you volunteer to "fill in the blanks", but two of you offered to finish up the quilts for those who dropped out. So a big thanks to everyone for making this work!

The reveal was going to be in alphabetical order, but Blogger has a mind of its own, so we'll see what happens.  We're definitely starting at "A", though...

This was Anne's starting block:

and here's the quilt finished by Laurina, and Mary Jane -- a big hand to Mary Jane who quilted two quilts this time around!

 Next up is Carol's center block:

and the cheerful quilt made by Julie, Marybeth, and Kate


This is Cathy's tasty center:

and the chocolate-y goodness created by Terry, Nan, and Marybeth


 Here is Glen's tart beginning:

and the sweet lemonade made by Sophie, Marie and Sandra

 This little nuthatch was mine (with some help from Charley Harper...)

and the adorable quilt finished by Sandra, Rachel and Maria

 Kate started with this Seven Sisters block:

and the colorful quilt was made by Marie, Vivi and Mary Jane


 Here's Laurina's masterful center:

and the quilt made by Julie, Maria and Cathy

 This was Liz's bright center:

 and the quilt was made by Maria, Elizabeth, and Sophie  (check out the flowers quilted along the vine...)
 Maria started her quilt with a bear-paw:
and it turned into something wild, made by Vivi, Cathy and Liz

 This was Marie's fairly traditional starter block:

that took a turn for the psychedelic in the hands of Mary Jane, Sophie and Rachel

This was Mary Jane's subtle center block:

 and the lovely quilt made by Terry, Sandra and Nan
 Marybeth began with this spring-like block:

 which was charmingly finished by Nan, Kate and Terry

 Here is Nan's bento box center:
 and the quilt finished by Rachel, Julie and Glen (complete with 
lovely 3-dimensional flowers!)
 Next up is Rachel's lovely applique:

and the transformation by Kate, Carol and Laurina

 Sandra began with a simple tree:

 that was brought to life by Glen, Laurina and Julie

 Here is Sophie's little oak leaf block:

 and the fabulous forect created by Elizabeth, Glen and Marie

Terry started with pink elephants (!)
 and this cute quilt was finished by Cathy, Liz and Carol

 Here is Vivi's stylish rosebud block:

and the fitting finish by Carol, Cathy and Elizabeth

This was Kristin's lovely star center:

and the charming finish by Marybeth and Sophie -- kudos to Sophie who also
quilted two projects this time!

Last but not least (and totally out of order...) here is Elizabeth's bright beginning:
and the equally bright finish by
Liz, Terry and Vivi

Okay, I've officially run out of adjectives... please let me know if I've gotten any of the names in the wrong places, and thanks again to all of you who jumped in to do a little extra.  We'll have to do this again next year!



I had a package waiting for me when I got home from work today. I quickly ripped it open.  It made my day! Oh, it is sooooo cute.  Thanks to all who worked on it.  It will hang next to (or under) a sign I picked up at a little coffee shop when it had a going-out-of-business sale.


OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!

My beauty arrived this morning.  Never in a million years could I have imagined the result.  Oh so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's HERE!

I have been watching my quilt make the trip from New Hampshire (through USPS updates) all week and when I saw it had made it to Santa Fe this morning, I took a chance that it also managed the trip across town to the little Post Office in the Mall where I have a PO Box.

Elizabeth, Glen and Marie, you were great collaborators. Thank you!  I can't wait for everyone to see the wonderful little quilt we've made.  I love it!  I really, REALLY LOVE IT!

And more thanks to Marie for the New England goodies she tucked in the package.  I lived in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for 8 years and have many fond associations with that corner of the world.  I think I might HAVE to make pancakes tomorrow so I can enjoy the maple syrup.

almost there...

I've heard from everyone, and it sounds like all of the robins should be "home" by Monday!

As soon as I have confirmation from Cathy, Mary Jane, Nan and Sophie... THE BIG REVEAL!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Progress Report

Here's your almost-independence-day update:
- almost all of the robins are home
- a couple are definitely in the mail
- I need to hear from one person to confirm that her quilt was mailed, or not...
  (Nan, speak up!)

Thanks, and watch this space for the big reveal!


My little quilt arrived!

I was out of town for a week and came back home to a big pile of mail, including my Robin quilt! It is beautiful, and I thank the lovelies Julie, Marybeth and Kate for their artistry. THANK YOU! Carol E.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's here!  My little quilt made it home today and I love it.  Thanks so much everyone who contributed! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Sent my little quilt off to the Beaver State.  I heard a funny joke about Beavers, the animal kind I mean. 

There are tthese two beavers, husband and wife and they head home after work.  The guy beaver walks in and leaves the door wide open.

The wife says, If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times, shut the dam door!

LOL.  It was the cleanest joke of the bunch! 

glen:  hey Nan, watch your mail about Saturday!

WOW! and Thank You!!

My little block has been returned as part of the most beautiful Quilt Eva!!

I love the design, the beautiful fabrics, and the wonderful craftsmanship in piecing the rows and the quilting just blows me away!!!

Thank you so much Mary Jane, Sophie, and Rachel!
You are Amazing!!!

I can't wait for the big reveal to see what all the others turned into :)