Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Round #3?

The block I made border #2 on was put in the mailbox April 29th to mary Jane.

2nd border off to Suffolk

I had fantasized about getting the quilt top off early, but I spent most of early April feeling cruddy & then last week playing catch-up.  I finally had some time this week-end & now the center with the first round & then the second one I added are off to England. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

When is our next one due out?

This one is a toughie.  My mind is  blank and it is not getting any better as the time is marching toward the date I must mail it out.

So........how much longer can I mull? 

I better get in there and get it done. 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You are wonderful!

Those of you were around for last year's episode probably remember the quilt that went missing for way too long on the way to New Zealand (I think it was Canada to New Zealand by way of Tierra del Fuego or something...) and the plan to make a replacement that ended up with Jay's plan to make a quilt for me...

Truly, I was expecting a couple of you to pitch in and make a little quilt.  Clearly I underestimated you!

This incredible quilt is about 70" square. It had 11 sets of hands on it and I was completely stunned when I opened the box last night!  I totally love it, and it is going to grace a wall of my office to add much joy and color to my workdays.

Thanks again to Jay, Nan, Laurina, Tami, Sophie, Rachel, Marie, Liz, Mary Jane, Glen and Sandra. You're the best!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Second border complete

I took my piece with me when I flew to the US last week. I've taken over my mother's dining room with my sewing and my laptop - kind of a sewing and home office setup. I added a lot to the quilt, just because I could. Here's a peek of one corner. (I've modified the colors to protect its identity - they are much prettier in person.)

I was wondering what will happen to the extra quilts that some of us might be working on that belong to those that have dropped out. Will they still get finished? I'd hate to think that someone (including me) has worked on one that will just "die" half-way done.

Anyway, I wish I could send this now (Julie - would you mind?) while I am the US. My luggage space is limited, especially because I have already bought 3 pairs of shoes (oops!).

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Murphy's Law...

It's always the way of it, isn't it - last month, I was really busy (and to be honest, procrastinated a bit), so my piece went right down to the wire and only just was mailed a few days before the deadline. This round, I started work almost straight away after receiving a piece, and have now finished adding my second border (a tiny, non-informative glimpse of which is posted above) - and Julie extends the deadline!  LOL - story of my life.  (It's also the month in which which I have two weeks' holiday, and so lots of extra sewing time...)

Never mind, at least that's something which I can tick off the list of Things To Do.

Friday, April 4, 2014

I Can't Believe It - Second Round Complete

It was one of those happy coincidences.  I was putting away one book that went back next to Friendships in Bloom, a book about a set of Round Robin quilts made by quilters in Michigan and Norway.

The quilts in the book are from the type of round robin where each of the rounds have guidelines, like, made from triangles (or squares), appliqué, or quilter's choice.  The book includes directions for making each of the centers and all of the borders.  If you feel stuck for ideas, you might want to check it out.  (It has the Look Inside feature on Amazon).

I pulled it from my bookshelf, flipped through it last night and found a few possibilities for the quilt at my house ... and one that made me think "a ha! that's it."

For me, once I'd decided on a design and found the fabrics (all came from my stash–yay!), it all came together quickly. Here's the sketch from the book.  Mine is made with smaller measurements for a smaller/narrower border.

The authors called this border Midnight Star. One of the reasons it worked well for me was that it could be made any size, by making the strips between the stars the size you need.  The directions in the book were for a 5-inch border; mine is 3 inches.  I used the Tri-Recs ruler to cut the fabrics for the star points and gained a new appreciation for the fact that you can use the rulers to cut those pieces for any size block you need.

This is the second quilt where what I added didn't feel a whole lot like "me," but felt right for the quilt.   I think that might be one of the reasons I like these round robins.

I promise I won't mail early this time ... unless Rachel wins the Block Lotto in April and I can send lotto blocks to her along with the quilt.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Schedule changes...

Hi all,

I've just learned today that two people are dropping out, for various reasons, and both are sending all their "stuff" back to me -- two center blocks that still need a first border, and two with a first border that need a second border.

As soon as I figure out all the adjustments to my spreadsheet (which seems to be written in a foreign language tonight... maybe I need a glass of wine!)  I will let everyone affected know about changes in whom to mail to.

And -- I'm going to extend the schedule a little bit to give me time to play catch-up with the ones that are already late in being sent off for their second borders.  Instead of April 30 as a mailing deadline for the block-with-two-borders, let's make it May 15.  And then the date for mailing the finished quilt will be June 30.

I guess I'd better get busy with the project I received from Rachel last week...
Thanks for playing!