Monday, March 31, 2014

Quilt has arrived in New Zealand

I just picked up my quilt from Glen today from my PO box. Now, what to do...

Received My Next Round

Today I received the quilt on which I will attach Round Two. My ideas are flowing........... this is fun! Carol E.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2nd Round

Thanks Julie the invite got me in. I received the original block and round 1. NO ideas yet for round 2...but this creating stuff is sure fun.
Laurina, the piece from New Zealand to Georgia made the trip in fine order and is sitting on my desk waiting for my mind to listen and make the next round.  Mary Jane

Monday, March 24, 2014


I love to hear that you are mailing, receiving, working on and loving the pieces that are flying around the world and landing at your doorsteps.

When you post, can you please put your first names so I can know who you are?  I am not familiar with all the nicknames.  I know we have a history with long transit times to and from New Zealand (maybe because the US post office thinks it is above Canada!) and mine was mailed to Laurina in New Zealand. 

 It would help me a lot!  Thank you!

I hope the sled dog huskies in New Zealand doesn't eat my package!



Received my piece to add the next round to on Saturday - and amazingly enough, am already halfway through adding something to it - how's that for service?  I won't mail it too soon, though...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Second Round Received!!

I got my block to for the second border yesterday!!!  So let the thinking and planning begin!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Just arrived

I came in from the mailbox with my cotton robin envelope.  Very Cool!  I took a picture & folded it back away (so I can look at it for the next week & not worry the dogs are eating it-things I learned the hard way).  & no worries, Julie, I can make it work.  I think.  I'm pretty sure. Yes, yes I can.

& now to get ready for the Spring Garden Festival.  If you happen to be in No, Central (not the panhandle) Florida this weekend, let me recommend a stop by the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.  You can probably find me by the Fun With Physics stage (long story for another day).  But I will be dreaming of cotton while they drop mentos after mentos in those soda bottles (shouldn't that be fun with chemistry, anyhow?).

On it's way!!

Sorry for the hold up!  
Mailed this morning to Vivi in Norway....

Sneak peak - and my lame excuse for why I'm late...

What didn't work & yes it was finished:
Just couldn't get it to work - so it ALL came out then...

What did work! and hopefully worth the wait:
Much better in color :)
Next one was received a couple of weeks ago - thank you Sophie!  
Already working on it!
Happy Spring everyone!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Status, please?

Today is the "mail by" date for the first round.  I'd like to hear from Anne, Kate, Kristin, Liz, Marie, Rachel and Terry to confirm that you've mailed your projects to the next person.

Please remember to let me know when you receive your package, too!



Monday, March 17, 2014

Off to new zealand

At the post office the lady asked me I'd New Zealand was north of Canada.  I said yes..........then she gave me $5 more in change than I should have gotten.  I tried to give it back twice.  But she insisted.  So I got a discount on the shipping!!!


First Round Mailed

I mailed a block today to the next person in the rotation. Expected delivery date 3/20. No sneak peeks from me because even a smidgen of what I added in b/w would give away which starter block I had.

Cathy L in IA

Sunday, March 16, 2014

done 1st round

I am done my first round and will be mailing tomorrow afternoon!
That was fun!

Sneaky peek

Finally had the chance to work on the centre piece I received and add a first round to it.  Here's a little sneak peek, with all the colour removed...there's not much chance anyone will be able to tell which block this is (though it's not totally impossible) - but even if you do, it's a tiny bit of the top as it stands, so it won't tell you anything anyway!

It will go off in the post in the next few days; not precisely sure when I'll get a chance to hit the post office, but soon!

First border added

Center block with the first border finished and in the mailbox to Kristin tomorrow.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ready To Mail

I found some time tongiht and it felt so good! I actually got two things done.

i wiill tantilize you with both, they both are robins --  one the Cotton robin and the other is a modern robin through my modern guild.

I won't tell you which is which, you will just have to guess.  Both are incredible piees that I created specifically for the original.  I don't know which I love better!

Hopefully, I will get the correct one in the mail tomorrow on my way to pilates!

It's getting to be that time!

The Ides of March are nearly upon us, and that means we're near the deadline for mailing your "block with one border" on to the next person.

So far, I think that Carol, Elizabeth, Laurina, Maria, Marybeth and Nan have mailed theirs -- if you've mailed and your name is not on that list, please let me know!

Mine just needs a quick pressing, and then it will go in the mail tomorrow or Saturday.

Happy almost-Spring!


First border done and sent on

I've finished the first border on the block I had and just popped it into the mail today to the next person.  Hope it arrives safely within the next week or so.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Received and not sent yet

I received the block with the first round, nice! 

And I am so far  behind.  It seems like I go through life from project to project.  Every day I plan on working and just seem to get what I need done. 

So I will promise to get this done by the weekend and out.  Promise!

Love me!
glen in Louisiana

Blocks Away!

I took my "Block with the First Border" to the post office yesterday. Winging it's way to Kate in England, it might not get there until after the 20th deadline... but it is coming! Darn! I knew I should have sent it a bit earlier and not waited until the 10th. Sorry Kate. I'll send you (privately so the surprise isn't ruined) a picture of the block if you'd like to begin thinking about your border. Let me know.
Nan in Oregon