Sunday, December 29, 2013

special note to Sandra...

Hi Sandra -- yes, you're definitely "in"!  I don't know why you're not getting my emails... is it possible that your blogger account is set to an email address that you no longer use? (or the NSA is blocking my emails to Canada?)  It's very weird!  I have replied every time and sent emails independent of the blog as well.    Maybe we just need to have all our conversations through blog posts?


Friday, December 27, 2013

Email sent...

I sent out an email a few minutes ago to all the participants that I've hear from... if you didn't receive it, please check your spam folder and/or let me know!

At Kristin's request, I've also added a "follow by email" button to the blog, in case you want to try it out.



Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Official 2014 Cotton Robin “Rules”

The Official 2014 Cotton Robin “Rules”

(sorry in advabnce for the very long post -- I tried to capture all the questions that have come up in the last 2 years...)
Your Center Block:
  • It should be no more than 9” square or 8” x 10” (finished size)
  • Use fabrics that you love
  • Use colors you love, as this is your mechanism for conveying to all what your personal tastes are
  • Use one color or use 10 colors; your imagination is the limit
  • Use whatever technique is acceptable to you
  • If you prefer traditional styles, this should be evident in this block. The same is true for other styles.
  • If you paper piece, please remove the papers and place a row of stay stitching 1/8" from the edge of the block to prevent distortion 
  • You may send up to 1/4 yard or one fat quarter of fabric along with your center block, but you don't have to.
  • I ask that you send me $2 in cash or postage stamps to subsidize my postage costs in mailing the blocks out again 
  • Have fun!
The Process:
  • You will send your center block to me and it should get here before January 31. I will photograph the blocks and mail them out to the first-border-makers to arrive by February 10.  
  • You will then add a border and mail it to the next border-maker by March 20.
  • You will mail the finished top (with two borders) to the finisher by April 30, and the finished quilt will be mailed "home" by June 15.
 The Project:
  • This is a MYSTERY project. You will receive a finished quilt that includes your original center block, but you won’t see any of the progress until your quilt comes home to you.
  • You need to either post to the blog or email me when you send or receive a parcel.  If you are going to be late in mailing, you need to let me know before you're late. 
  • This is a 6-month commitment and you'll need to have a very good excuse if you want to drop out in the middle. Having said that... life happens and sometimes there is a good excuse, but if this does occur you need to communicate with me instead of disappearing into the void with someone's quilt! (remember: I know where you live)
  • Once you have signed up for the project, you will be added as an “author” on the blog; let me know if something’s not working!
  • PLEASE do your best work and use good-quality fabric.  This is not as “forgiving” as a block swap, where the recipient can decide to not use blocks that aren’t made well or where the fabric is funky. Everyone will be receiving a finished quilt and it’s not possible to “un-make” it if something is seriouslywrong.
  • The second and third people on each quilt will add borders – these may be all the way around or not, depending on your design decisions. You can include plain coping strips before your borders in order to adjust the size.  The borders must be pieced borders or something else that is not a plain piece of fabric – you don’t have to go crazy, but please do put some effort into it…. 
  • If your border has lots of seams, please put a row of stitching around it, 1/8” from the outside edge, to hold it all together while the next person works on it.
  • Please double-check that you’re sewing on the border the way it’s meant to be (i.e. not upside down or backwards) so that the next person doesn’t have to fix it
  • The finished size of the quilt should be about 16”-20” square or 16”x20”, so plan your border sizes accordingly.
  • The fourth person on each quilt will layer, baste, quilt, and bind the quilt. If you don't know how to do these things, this isn't the swap for you! Quilts may be hand or machine quilted, and embellishments may be added if appropriate.
  • Please do not add embellishments if you’re working on the first or second border – it’s too hard for the last person to quilt around them.  If you have something that you really think the quilt needs as embellishment, you can send it along with the quilt and the last person can decide whether to use it (or not)
~Reminders on Blog posting...
  • Absolutely do NOT post a photo of your center block on this blog or your personal blog, please.
  • I will photograph each block as they arrive to me, and post them on the blog, anonymously. We want the people working on your quilt not to know whose quilt it is.
  • You may post pictures to the blog of the borders you make, but be sure to completely conceal the center block.
- Once you've read through this and want to participate, please send me an email with the following information:

  • your name
  • mailing address
  • email address
  • phone number
  • blog address, if you'd like it listed
  • do you have a problem mailing internationally? (so far we have 4 participants outside the U.S.)
  • Preferences (optional) about types of fabric, quilt styles, would you like a hanging sleeve, does the quilt need to be washable – I will send these out along with your center block 

- Extra “stuff”: In the past, folks have asked about sending extra stuff along with your project, such as

·         a label for everyone to sign

·         -little gifts for the people who will be working on your quilt

·         an anonymous note

·         more fabric
I think that the label is fine -- and completely optional -- but please don’t put your name on it until the quilt comes home to you. In consideration of mailing costs, I’d like to discourage sending anything more. Here's how I feel about notes and more fabric (other than the 1/4 yard that's in the original guidelines):  this is a little bit about giving up control!  It's a small quilt, not a huge commitment, so let the people who are working on your quilt use their creativity.   Relax! 

My email address is  (replace the _at_ with @) -- contact me with questions or concerns. Thanks for playing!

Doors closing soon...

Here's a reminder to let me know soon if you want to be a part of the 2014 Cotton Robin!  I'm planning to get the lists organized right around New Year's Day.

Just to get started: your center block can be any size up to 81 square inches -- that means a 9" square or an 8" x 10" rectangle are the largest sizes. 

You will be sending your center block to me, and it should get here before the end of January.  If you're outside the US, please allow some extra time for the vagaries of international mail...

Please do not include anything on your center block that can't be quilted over (i.e. no embellishments at this point!)  In fact, the new rule is: No embellishments until the quilting round, because it's too difficult to quilt over/around them.

Other than that, the "rules" will be the same as before.

More soon,


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If you want to join... "Unknown" doesn't help!

If you want to join in the round robin, please make sure I know who you are and have some way to contact you...  "Unknown" -- this is for you!   You need to include your name and email address in your comment, or else send me an email.

Similarly, if you don't have an email address associated with your blog, please make sure I know what it is  (no one else, so far...)



Wednesday, December 11, 2013

should we do this again?

Calling all Robineers!  

Maybe it's just the cold weather, but I've been thinking about starting up a new round of this madness and I'm wondering who might want to join in for the 2014 event?  We would probably have the first block due around February 1 or so...

"Rules" will be pretty much the same, I think, but I'm happy to listen to suggestions. New players are welcome if they have some swapping history and enough experience to work without a pattern!