Thursday, May 31, 2012

Origination Cheyenne to ???

I went to the post office in Cheyenne, WY to mail out the finished quilt to ????  It's such a difference going to a post office that's just a block from the state capitol building. So it's a toss up whether it'll get to its home faster or slower than if it were mailed from my home post office in Sunnyvale, CA. I do hope that the final recipient likes it. I used a perle cotton to hand quilt some of the quilt's details.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A little sneak of the quilting that I did. This will be in tomorrows mail.

Coming and going!

My quilt arrived yesterday and it looks great!  And I shipped out the finished quilt today.  I hope she loves it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poignant moment at the post office

Well it would have been! Had they had all the supplies available it would have been a poignant moment when I mailed off my finished quilt today! glen

(Nearly) Finished!

Well, I've quilted the piece which came to me, and now I've bound it and attached the sleeve. Only thing left to do is attach the label and I'll be able to get it into the post. I did take a little tease photo, but it didn't turn out well, so I'm going to leave this post photo-less, and everyone will just have to wonder (even more than already) whose piece it is and what it looks like now!  I hope to get it in the post Thursday (31st), but I might not be able to get to the post office until Friday (1st June) - but it definitely won't be any later than that!
I have finished quilt for ???? and got it in the mail today!  Am really looking forward to receiving my quilt...and seeing all the others!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012


I finished quilting and binding yesterday!!!  I was really nervous about quilting this because it is the first time I've actually done free motion quilting on a real quilt.  I've been practicing a lot, but I'd never done it on an actual quilt.  I'm really proud of how it turned out!  So I thought I'd tease everyone with a section of the back.  I will get it in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday.  I'll post again when it goes in the mail.

Finally received flimsy and started quilting

After 5 weeks on the road I have finally seen the flimsy and have started to quilt it. I will hopefully be done on time - we'll see. So far I've managed a few sweeps of sticking in the ditch, but now I need to decide if I want to do hand quilting (not my forte) or FMQ. The block seems to want hand quilting (darn)!

Monday, May 21, 2012

counting down...

Here we are on the 21st already -- if you think that your finished quilt will not be in the mail by the 31st please let me know...  (I do know about one, and there's a good reason for it to be a few days late)

I finished up my project yesterday and it got a good review from a friend who was visiting. I think it will go in the mail tomorrow.  No pictures to tease you with, though!

Remember to:
- send me a photo of the finished quilt via email
- post when you mail it
- post when you receive yours (you can post photos on your blog but none here yet)



Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It is finished and if I can find the paperwork again, I will mail it off to the right person this week.  I brought it to my quilt guild meeting tonight and did show and tell with it.  The piece was a hit!

I got lots of questions about the process and the group and how I decided on what to do each time.

So we may have a few new converts next round!

I am so totally pleased with this final piece.  I can't wait to get it in the mail back to its home.  You will be so surprised by the creativity of each round.  It is a piece I know you will treasure, it takes on the personality of your center block so beautifully.  I am amazed by it.

glen:  Here is the back to tease you all a bit!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Quilting with the Infamous Breaking Metallic Thread

I have spent most of the afternoon quilting my piece. It is a wonderful and intricate piece that really didn't need a lot of intricate quilting so my job should have been easy, right? Wrong. I chose some exciting metallic thread. Perfect thread for the project. But it must have broken a million times! I perservered though. And it, whew! is ready to bind. I chose some great binding fabric at the new quilt store, my first purchase at the new store in fact. It will be the perfect compliment to the perfect top. glen: I think I like this one, metallic thread notwithstanding.........

May 11

I'm about half done with quilting my robin and then it will go off in the mail to... someone!

Now that everyone has received their projects to finish, I thought I'd remind you one last time to email a photo of the finished quilt to me before you put it in the mail, and DO NOT post a photo on the blog.   If you need mailing information, just shoot me an email.

Thanks for playing!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Arrival, finally.

Hoorah, the top arrived from Andra today, ready for me to quilt. I think that's all of them safe and sound now.  It was postmarked 26th April, so not sure why it took so long - scenic route, I guess!  Now I just have to think what to do with it...

I hope to get to it soon, but with it being so long in the coming it might be mailed rather closer to the 31 May deadline than I'd otherwise like.  Still, once I decide what to do, the actual doing shouldn't take that long on a piece this size.

On quilting...

I am 2 days into hand quilting. I had a great backing fabric in my stash! HUZZAH!

I had to buy I second spool of hand quilting thread - the first one kept breaking on me - it actually made fuzzy balls near the eye of the needle - so I would have a line of sttiching on the needle only to find out that I could not pull it through.

I am deciding how to do the quilting as I go...

I'll decide on the binding one the top is done.

Quilt received - the suspense......

I have received the final package with my completed quilt. I have not opened it yet. Primarily because I have mot completed the one I am working on. I have some time today to work on it and I think I saw the most fabulous piece for the backing. This new quilt shop opened, you see............. glen

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quilt Top Arrived in Oregon

The borders on the flimsy that arrived while I was on vacation are wonderful and go so well with the center block! I have the "perfect" backing fabric, and I know which quilting pattern I'll use (unless I change my mind - that happens a LOT!) to make it special and tie it all together. Honored to be part of this wonderful piece of work... we all did a spectacular job.