Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Border On

After doing on the math for a really nifty offset border,
I realized it would take about a million itty-bitty pieces, so I went to plan b.
I blurred the corners and blacked out the center.  Photoshop is so neat!

Because I "stitch-n-flipped" I had 4 bonus HSTs.  

I popped them in the package - feel free to completely ignore them.

This one is heading to Kate.

I'll get it in the mail by the end of the week - I need to go to the post office since you're not in the US.  :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sneaky peek

Here's a picture of my border...

Time to check in!

It's a little more than 2 weeks until your center-block-with-1-border needs to be in the mail, so if you haven't started working on yours... the time to do it is NOW! 

Feel free to mail your package on to the next person any time starting March 1.

Please post when you've mailed and when you receive a package so that I can try to keep a handle on all the "transactions".

I'm happy to report that I finished my border a couple of nights ago, and I'll try to get a photo posted soon.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

This will be the tale of 3 borders. So sit back a minute...

1. When I got my center, I was pleased as punch & knew exactly what I wanted to do. Then came the math... That idea never really gained traction for all of the math. But in my mind it was pretty cool.
2. Border 3 also included math (Which one wouldn't, right?) but this time it would add too many inches to the project - but based on the finished about 20 inches parameter & for the center itself.
3. Border 3 - you can see above how I cut with templates & how I auditioned it. :o)
I pieced the corners to give me the size needed for the sides. I then trimmed the sides down - for me this is usually easier that sewing skinny strips. & My initial length measurements were only 3/4 of an inch off - easy to unpick & trim to the appropriate size. YAY! Everything worked so well & I am quite pleased with how it looks - especially next to the center.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Got it

My center block belonging to ???? finally made it to Cape Breton. Now to get the border ready. This will be madness, but fun. If only I can tear myself away from my new Pfaff Creative Vision and my first embroidered silk quilt!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When you finish...

Since the next deadline is so far away -- in Mid-March -- please don't mail your one-border piece to the next person yet! Please hold onto it until the end of February, so that things don't pile up for someone who isn't working as fast as you...




And ready to go!  LOL.

I love it!  I want to keep it and keep building!

Oh, well.  I am sure I will love the next one too!

glen:  I put diamonds on it!  LOL

Center block received but unseen

The rumor is that my center block arrived yesterday; however, I am away until tomorrow, so I have not yet seen it. I am really looking forward to opening my squishy and starting the creative process when I get back home.