Saturday, July 21, 2018

It's a Wrap -- the Big Reveal!

It's that time again -- here are the starting blocks and the finished quilts. Thanks to all the participants!

Allison's block

quilt by Christa, Diana and Shannon

Andrea's block

quilt by Nan, Rachel and Laurina

Christa's block

quilt by Diana, Elizabeth and Julie

Diana's block

quilt by Liz, Julie and Glen

Elizabeth's block

quilt by Tish, Laurina and Nan

Glen's block

quilt by Allison, Kate and Andrea

Julie's block 

 quilt by Laurina, Glen and Marie

 Kate's block

 quilt by Terry, Andrea and Susie

 Laurina's block

 quilt by Traceyann, Shannon and Diana

 Liz's block

 quilt by Shannon, Marie and Traceyann

 Marie's block

 quilt by Elizabeth, Liz and Rachel

Mary's block

 quilt by Susie, Tish and Terry 

Nan's block

 quilt by Julie, Traceyann and Christa 

 Rachel's block

 quilt by Glen, Christa and Tish

Shannon's block

 quilt by Marie, Allison and Elizabeth

 Susie's block

 quilt by Rachel, Nan and Mary

 Terry's block

 quilt by Kate, Susan and Allison

 Tish's block

 quilt by Mary, Terry and Liz

 Traceyann's block

 quilt by Andrea, Mary and Kate


QuiltSwissy said...

Wow, some of them have taken a decidedly Modern slant this year, haven't they! I love it. Another great year with my friends. Thanks for working on my snail, it was an amazing transformation from the leaf block. I will have to post the other leaf block that went around my Modern Guild at the same time as the Cotton Robin leaf. It is interesting how different they turned out.

glen: loved working on every one's quilt, the buzzing bees were definitely fun! I made 9 more after that and they ended up in a baby quilt!

jenclair said...

These are so much fun! Quilters combining ideas, talent, and techniques to produce such interesting work.

Laurina said...

Always such a joy to see all of the finished quilts. I come back often to look at them for ideas and inspiration. Thanks again Julie!

roccagal said...

great job once again ladies!

Jack Henry said...
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