Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mailing First Round To Christa

Howdy all!  Either tomorrow or Tuesday, depending how my week crashes and burns, you know.  

I have had two shows to prep for and three “must do” guild and robin things are coming due so I told Frank, You own the dogs today!  Amazing how much you can get done without having to let them in and out all day long!  

And I think this is the first time in recorded history.......wait for it.......I am early!  

Just let me know when you get it, the last two things I mailed at the post office seemed to have problems here.  Crossing my fingers!  



Christa said...

Very excited. I am ready for it! Yes, will let you know.

QuiltSwissy said...

Well, Christa, didn't happen today! Grandson was sick with croup and school didn't want him. Guess what? I get him! LOL Hopefully tomorrow I will hit the post office and the bank. I am going to run out of money soon.......