Saturday, April 8, 2017

I do love Cotton Robin

The center with one border now has two. I probably have to "admire" it over the weekend before I pack it up and mail it on Monday to Traceyann in Canada. That was a fun project to do.

The Robineer who is sending a piece for quilting/finishing to me ... go ahead as soon as you are finished. I will be gone all of June. Don't really want to make you all wait for me if possible.

As for allergies ... when I left Germany 42 years ago, I had not heard of anybody having allergies. Now being 68 I just have found out that yellow pollen from pines don't like me. Yuck! At least it is not sweet animals. My daughters have dogs and a cat and of course I want to visit with them.

Happy sewing to all.


Frog Quilter said...

Yellow pollen does terrible things to me. I stay far away from it.

difergi said...

Hopefully, the top has arrived! Let me know. Di