Monday, April 3, 2017


It has come to my attention that at least one Robineer is quite allergic to cats and had a strong reaction to the parcel she recently received.   I'm sorry to say that I hadn't really thought about this before, although since I currently have three cats in the house and volunteer for a cat rescue/adoption organization, it really should have occurred to me!

So I'm wondering if, in future robins, there's a way to structure it so that allergic persons don't receive packages from homes with cats...  To that end, an informal survey:

- do you have cats in your home?
- are you allergic to cats?
- anything else you're allergic to that might be affected by this swap?

Please respond by comment or email to me.

(I should add that, although I diligently keep all cats out of my stash, they do occasionally notice if I've left fabric out on a flat surface, and they don't have any qualms about claiming it for a nap-spot.)




Shannon said...

No cats, no severe allergies. I do have dogs.

Frog Quilter said...

I hope it wasn't my block. To all - I have six cats.

QuiltSwissy said...

No cats, no animal allergies, But I do have dogs.

Glad you asked that question. I have not had a problem with this group ever.

I did have to leave another group because we swapped fat quarters and blocks made with washed fabrics doused with sweet detergent and heavy scented fabric softeners. I know people love scents but they give me migraines. Even my daughter thinks I am nuts.

Like I said, I have never had a problem in all the years with this group.

glen Parks
Baton Rouge, LA

roccagal said...

i have no allergies but do have a cat!

Laurina said...

I don't have allergies. I do have 2 cats and a dog but they are not living with me right now. I do occasionally find cat hairs on scraps from the scrap basket, so best to consider me a cat owner.

Kate North said...

No cats or dogs; no fabric softeners as DH is allergic to them. Personally, I am not allergic to anything you'd find in your stash (I hope! - as my main allergy is certain fertilizers - and hayfever.) So I am probably on the safe to send/receive list.

Terry in California said...

No pets and no allergies.

rag55 said...

No allergies, but I do have cats!!! Not as many as Liz, I only have 5!!!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I have several not-so-serious allergies, but I take meds daily. I generally handle the problem by washing the piece by hand with mild detergent and letting it hang dry. Again, I've never had a horrible reaction (though a sinus headache is plenty).
I have dogs, one of whom is often in the studio.