Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Here it is -- THE BIG REVEAL!

It's been another fun year, and all the quilts have made it home!  I have no idea what order Blogger will put these in, so here goes...

This was Cathy's center block
and the quilt made by Sandra, Liz and Sophie

 Here was Christa's center block
and the quilt finished by Sophie, Marie and Susie

This was Elizabeth's starting block
 and the quilt made by Susie, Nan and Suzette

Next up was Glen's center block 
and the quilt made by Suzette, Rachel and Christa

 Helen started with this sea turtle
and the quilt was finished by Cathy, Sandra and Kate

This was Julie's center block
and the quilt made by Christa, Sophie and Elizabeth

Here is Kate's center block
 and the quilt finished by Elizabeth, Susie and Glen

Laurina started with this rainbow
 and the quilt was made by Glen, Suzette and Julie

This was Liz's center block
 and the quilt made by Julie, Cathy and Helen 

 Next is Marie's center block
and the quilt finished by Helen, Christa and Cathy

Nan  started with this block
 and the quilt was finished by Kate, Elizabeth and Laurina 

 Rachel's center block was this heart
 and the quilt was made by Laurina, Glen and Liz 

Sandra started with this chair
 and the quilt was finished by Liz, Helen and Marie

Here is Sophie's center block
and the quilt made by Marie, Julie and Nan

 Susie started with this block
and the quilt was finished by Nan, Kate and Rachel

last but not least, Suzette started with this block
 and the quilt was made by Rachel, Laurina and Sandra

I hope you've enjoyed the show! As always, I love the variety of quilts we created...


Friday, July 15, 2016

Elizabeth it's on its way

i mailed your little quilt today.  It's gorgeous!  I'm sorry for the delay but life has been getting the better of me.

I also received my adorable little patriotic beauty.  You ladies did an awesome job!


Swooze aka Suzette

Monday, July 11, 2016

nearly there...

Here's an update:

There is one quilt not yet mailed -- hoping that will happen tomorrow!

I need to hear from Marie and Suzette as to whether you've received the quilt that was mailed to you (sorry if you told me and I missed it...)

Laurina's quilt has been mailed (and delivered) to her mother's house in the U.S., and she'll arrive on the 20th.  If everything else is in order I might do the Big Reveal before that, but maybe I'll wait.

Stay cool,


Friday, July 8, 2016

I got it, I got it!!!!!!

I got my spectacular mini today!
I am over the moon with it!

Thanks sooo much to Liz, Helen and Marie for their fabulous contributions!

A special shout out to Marie for the BIG extra in my package and her AWESOME quilting!
Wow!!! Marie, you are so generous!
 I love the fabrics! 

Best Cotton Robin EVER!

Julie-thanks to you as well for being the maestro and leading us to success!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Another Quilt is Home

I picked up my little quilt today ... thanks to Marie, Julie and Nan for this little wonder.

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...and it's here. I agree, Glen, it's stunning. Thanks so much to those who worked on my quilt (whose names are in the other room) - you all did an amazing job.  And of course thanks to Julie for organising us again...

My Mini Is Home!

I received my little quilt in the mail!!!  Yay!!!  I love how it turned out!  I  am always amazed at how everything turns out!!!  Everyone does something I never would have thought of and it suits the quilt so well!!!!  Thank you everyone!!!!!

Opened My Little Quilt Package

So I couldn't handle the suspense anymore.  I had to open the package that has been sitting here.

I am always amazed at the talent in the hands it passes through.

Incredible.  Once again, incredible.

Thanks to all who made this wonderful piece!

I can't wait for the Big Reveal.

Can't wait.



I've received my quiltie today! And it's a cutie! Thanks to whomever worked on it.

Cathy L

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I received my mini quilt today!  It is absolutely stunning!

I LOVE it!

Thank you SOOO much Cathy, Sandra and Kate!  As soon as I can figure out where, it is going on the wall!

Helen / Nashville, TN

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Late ... But On It's Way to Cathy

It has been a real comedy of errors around my house, made worse by a huge dose of life stress ... but Cathy's little quilt is on it's way to Iowa.

One of the things-gone-wrong was when I broke a sewing machine needle last night and couldn't find a package of needles anywhere. Earlier in the day I was supposed to find out if I was going to be offered a job ... instead I heard that one of the interviews (of another candidate) was moved to next week, so I won't hear anything until then.  I really need/want this job and the stress of waiting all week to be told to wait another week got to me a lot.  So much so, that when I broke the needle it didn't occur to me until much later (this morning), that I could have used one of my OTHER sewing machines (or at least taken the needle out of one of them ... doh!

It was a bit of a mad rush to finish before the Post Office closed ... but I made it and it's on it's way.  Sorry for the delay.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Mini Quilt Sent

After carrying it around for a week cause I was going to mail it in the morning, I finally got it in the mail yesterday and it should get to Susan tomorrow!  Hope you enjoy it!!!!  I'm getting excited to see mine and every ones in the Big reveal!!!!

Received and Sent!

I received my lovely little quilt on Wednesday!  
Wonderfully creative job done by all...  
Thank you Helen, Christa, & Cathy!!

Missed the mail yesterday so this AM 
Sandra's lovely little quilt left for it's trip home to Canada!!

Hope you love it as much as I did finishing it up!!