Friday, June 24, 2016

Well travelled!

My tiny quilt arrived at it's forever home in the woods (forest) of Oregon with this morning's mail. Quite a trip it had: Oregon, California, to the UK, back to the USA (Michigan), on to New Zealand, and finally back to Oregon. I think it may have travelled more than I did this year, especially if all the Gulf Coast states we visited are counted as one trip. Thank you all! My little quilt is wonderful. And double thank you to Julie for making CR 2016 the best EVER! Hats off to you!!!!!


Laurina said...

Glad to hear it made it safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing them all soon.

Kate North said...

I guess I know which one is yours, as I think I'm the only one in the UK - but I don't know what it looked like finished, so it will be fun to see the unveiling. Glad you like it!