Saturday, May 7, 2016

"It's In The Mail"

The little quilt with two borders is winging it's way to Suzette's house in Mesquite Texas. At least I hope it is winging it's way... I'm not even sure if mail goes by truck any more. I think the mail between Oakland, OR and Oakland, CA goes via mule pack-train! Sometimes it takes almost a seven-day week to get from here to there... Suzette's package is supposed to get to her by Monday. Have a good time with it 😎
Suzette, if you saw this earlier, I'm sorry for calling you by somebody else's name. If you didn't already see it, then I didn't make that error. 😉


swooze said...

Ooh weeeeee! I'll go look in the box!

swooze said...

It came today. Thanks!