Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I Am The Best Round Adder In The World!

Well, at least my world!

It is quite amazing, if I say so myself.  I have no idea who owns this little block, but you will be so in love with it.  You will be amazed....just amazed at what a great designer/artist/quilter I am!

The person who passed it to me gave me the most perfect base on which to to work. (Thank you, Laurina!!!!)  Now I don't want to send it on.   I think it needs to stay with me forever!

Yes, I had to work on it, I am leaving for the Caribbean soon an wanted it to be ready to send upon my return.

OMG! Do I love it.  Yes, it is.......(I need a new and exciting adjective).......incredible!

glen:  now I can't wait to send it on......

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