Monday, July 6, 2015

It's here (and it's GORGEOUS!)

At the beginning of one of my more disastrous moves, I received email from Julie telling me that I should have received my quilt ... the post office is between old place and new place and I stopped in twice last week, hoping to ask them to go look for a package for me.   The first time they hadn't opened yet because of a "computer problem" and the line of people waiting for them to open (with no ETA) was almost out the door.  The second time the line was twice as long (and was out the door into the Mall) and there was only one, person–a newbie–at the counter and I decided I couldn't wait.

This morning I tried one more time.  There was actually a notice for a parcel in my PO box and so I took it to the counter and told them I thought there were actually two or three packages for me.  They found two ... I am still waiting, I guess for some fabric I won that was supposedly sent by the fabric company a month ago ...

I got home and ripped open the package.  I have no idea who did the work on my quilt except for Jay, who quilted and finished it, but I LOVE IT and thank you all, whoever you are.

I now have four Cotton Robin quilts and plan to hang them together (as soon as I am unpacked enough to manage it and find an appropriate wall ;-)

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QuiltSwissy said...

So glad you found it! I am so happy it found you!