Saturday, June 6, 2015

Quilt Arrived in Tennessee!!!

My little quilt arrived from Terry in California.  I can't wait to hang it up, it is absolutely stunning!!  It was a wonderful surprise on a very bad day.  A huge thank you to all who worked on it (I suppose you will find out soon who you are).



sophie said...

I love it when life finds a way to offer up something nice ... especially when things aren't going so well otherwise. (says the woman who received some chocolate in the mail with a lotto block ;-)

I can't wait for the big reveal to see whose quilts anonymously passed through my hands.

Terry in California said...

Helen, I am so glad your WH has arrived safe. Sorry there were no other "surprises" in the was coming down with some bug the day I went to the post office and all I could think about was getting it mailed. Going to the post office can be quite traumatic for some reason. Sorry about that top left corner. I just could not get the binding to behave. I hung it up in my living room and I was very impressed with the way four different quilters can create such beauty.

Helen Wahl said...

Receiving it so soon was such a wonderful surprise. Completely didn't notice the corner until you said something. I love the quilting you did on the top right of the center block!!!