Monday, June 15, 2015

getting closer

Hi all,

It's June 15 (unless you're in new Zealand...) which means it's getting close to the June 30 mailing deadline for finished quilts!  I have photos of half of them, and a few have even made it home already.

If you're not done yet, please move this closer to the top of your list of priorities!

Don't forget to send me a photo of the finished quilt by email, and to let me know when you've mailed and when you've received.

I'll be on vacation for a couple of weeks so I'll tally everything up at the end of the month and -- I hope -- be ready to post the BIG REVEAL early in July.




QuiltSwissy said...

Mine went out to Texas just today! Heads up in Sweetwater!

sophie said...

Have a great vacation, Julie. Here's hoping that you will come home to find that all the quilts have also found their way home.