Monday, June 23, 2014

Thank You!

I am still struggling with the quilt I am to quilt, but my center arrived home on Saturday.  I had planned to open it only after this one was on its way but had another set-back & decided I needed the pick-me-up & pick me up it did!  It is charming, really, truly.  I had made two of the center & held one back & have been working on it in time with the robin & I will put up a picture of them side by side when all of this is done.  In the meantime thank you, thank you & thank you again.  You made my day.

& don't worry Julie, I will (plan to, WILL!) make the deadline.  I will forward a picture of both hen I am done.

1 comment:

sophie said...

I know that you're facing a real challenge ... but I know you'll find a way. Good luck!