Sunday, June 29, 2014

Received my quilt last week but wanted to wait to open it until I finished the one I was working on,  which I did on Thursday, so Marie, it is on its way!!!! When I could finally open mine , I was blown away!!! It was amazing, especially the first border that turned my block into  a circle....that was just perfect!!!  The follow up 2nd border and quilting just really set it off!!!!  Thank you ladies!!
P.S. In all my chaos with moving and everything, I forgot to take a picture before I sent it to you, Marie......could you send Julie a picture, please!!!!



sophie said...

Was that me? I turned someone's block into a circle and ... as soon as I had cut away the background began to wonder if I broke a rule ;-)

Marie Joerger said...

This one wasn't you Sophie as I received my square quilt from Rachel over the weekend! WOW!! I love what both of you, and Mary Jean, did to my pretty little quilt! This is such a fun group to be a part of - Sew Much Creativity!! Thank you ladies!!