Monday, May 5, 2014

mailing soon?

Here's a quick reminder that our next mailing date is coming up on May 15.  Your center-with-2-borders should be about ready to go off to be quilted!  (with an exception or two for some catch-up projects that are getting a late start)

I've seen photos of a few of the finished tops, and they're splendid as usual...

My package went in the mail to Glen on Saturday.  If you've mailed or received a package, please be sure to let me know.



QuiltSwissy said...

Julie! I just received the spectacular, amazing, incredible quilt today! Wow! The artists who worked on this one really "saw" the soul of this one!

roccagal said...

I still have not received my round 2 so am hoping to get it soon!

roccagal said...

Ok yahoo!! I got my round 2 today!!!! hopefully I can do some on the weekend!