Friday, May 30, 2014


I received the top I am supposed to quilt & I am having some problems.  Actually, it's all sort of one big problem.  At the time of the first round, a narrow decorative edge was made with what I assume is silver tissue lame & it is starting to fray, so I took a closer look & discovered that it is not stitched down all the away around.  In the picture at the right, maybe you can see the folded green part?  Well that fold bumps up against/does not over lap the silver part & is only attached by that line of stitches in the pink which even at the point closest to tape is not 1/4" wide & then it runs right off the edge of the pink so one washing & they are gone.  Those stitches you can see at the silver...they hold the pink to the silver & that's it, they never catch the green.

The short fix would be to open it up & restitch as best I can w/out pressing (because lame melts, right?) which is when I spotted the bigger problem:  there are places where the seam allowance is nowhere near 1/4".  If I pull these seam out they will never go back together.  & I cannot just quilt it to death because there is that lame edge that is going to shatter when I start stitching it.

If I had just the one problem I could fix it but with two, solving one means making the other one worse.  I thought about applique BUT I am only showing you one of the problem seams/gaps; any applique(s) that dealt with all of them would more or less cover all of the silver lame as well as the applique border next to it.  &  I thought about ironing the whole thing to lightweight interfacing but won't that melt the silver lame?

I realize I may end up quilting very heavy down that silver lame edge whether I want to or not but I thought I would ask first & then maybe sleep on it. Any suggestions would be most welcome! 


Laurina said...

Sounds tricky - how much lame fabric is there - is it only that piece? I'd be tempted to completely remove it and maybe put a piece of cotton over the gap.

You won't be able to quilt on the silver in it's current state, it will fall apart. A quick fix might be to use a fusible interfacing on the back to add stability and keep it all together. You can iron the lame, but use a pressing cloth and keep the temp low. A non-iron-on stabilizer or interfacing might also do the trick.

It's sad that you have to deal with this. Personally, I'd never use that type of fabric in a quilt because it can't hold up to any 'normal' quilting techniques. (I wonder if it's something Julie should consider if we do another one - fabric guidelines.)

mb. said...

thank you for the ironing tip. I wish I could just pull it but between the width of the lame & the undersized seam allowances I would be redoing from the center out. Add to that the border with undersized seam allowances has an applique on top of it....

Fusible interfacing with as much fray-check as I can lay my hands on will probably be the way I go.