Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Schedule changes...

Hi all,

I've just learned today that two people are dropping out, for various reasons, and both are sending all their "stuff" back to me -- two center blocks that still need a first border, and two with a first border that need a second border.

As soon as I figure out all the adjustments to my spreadsheet (which seems to be written in a foreign language tonight... maybe I need a glass of wine!)  I will let everyone affected know about changes in whom to mail to.

And -- I'm going to extend the schedule a little bit to give me time to play catch-up with the ones that are already late in being sent off for their second borders.  Instead of April 30 as a mailing deadline for the block-with-two-borders, let's make it May 15.  And then the date for mailing the finished quilt will be June 30.

I guess I'd better get busy with the project I received from Rachel last week...
Thanks for playing!



Terry in California said...

I would be thrilled to add an extra border. If you need to send the returnees back out, send one my way.

Cathy said...

I can also help out with some extra bordering if need be since I already have my second round bordered and ready for mailing.

Cathy L in IA

QuiltSwissy said...

I certainly can take on one more project! Why not! I am sorry that they dropped out.

Do they need to get their own stuff back? How confusing. No wonder it looks like greek to you!


sophie said...

A glass of wine might help ... or a good night's sleep and fresh eyes tomorrow–I can imagine that re-routing all the effected quilts would be mind-boggling.

I have figured out what I'm adding to the quilt I have now and found fabrics, so I'm another that feels ahead of the game and would be willing to help in any way you need.