Saturday, April 5, 2014

Murphy's Law...

It's always the way of it, isn't it - last month, I was really busy (and to be honest, procrastinated a bit), so my piece went right down to the wire and only just was mailed a few days before the deadline. This round, I started work almost straight away after receiving a piece, and have now finished adding my second border (a tiny, non-informative glimpse of which is posted above) - and Julie extends the deadline!  LOL - story of my life.  (It's also the month in which which I have two weeks' holiday, and so lots of extra sewing time...)

Never mind, at least that's something which I can tick off the list of Things To Do.

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mb. said...

I had really hoped to get the top in the mail to you early, especially knowing you were done with your 2nd round....& then I got sick. The good news is I have finally sent it off & it left rural Florida for you early this afternoon.