Friday, April 4, 2014

I Can't Believe It - Second Round Complete

It was one of those happy coincidences.  I was putting away one book that went back next to Friendships in Bloom, a book about a set of Round Robin quilts made by quilters in Michigan and Norway.

The quilts in the book are from the type of round robin where each of the rounds have guidelines, like, made from triangles (or squares), appliqué, or quilter's choice.  The book includes directions for making each of the centers and all of the borders.  If you feel stuck for ideas, you might want to check it out.  (It has the Look Inside feature on Amazon).

I pulled it from my bookshelf, flipped through it last night and found a few possibilities for the quilt at my house ... and one that made me think "a ha! that's it."

For me, once I'd decided on a design and found the fabrics (all came from my stash–yay!), it all came together quickly. Here's the sketch from the book.  Mine is made with smaller measurements for a smaller/narrower border.

The authors called this border Midnight Star. One of the reasons it worked well for me was that it could be made any size, by making the strips between the stars the size you need.  The directions in the book were for a 5-inch border; mine is 3 inches.  I used the Tri-Recs ruler to cut the fabrics for the star points and gained a new appreciation for the fact that you can use the rulers to cut those pieces for any size block you need.

This is the second quilt where what I added didn't feel a whole lot like "me," but felt right for the quilt.   I think that might be one of the reasons I like these round robins.

I promise I won't mail early this time ... unless Rachel wins the Block Lotto in April and I can send lotto blocks to her along with the quilt.

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Carol E. said...

I like the border. Thanks for the tip about the book.