Thursday, March 20, 2014

Status, please?

Today is the "mail by" date for the first round.  I'd like to hear from Anne, Kate, Kristin, Liz, Marie, Rachel and Terry to confirm that you've mailed your projects to the next person.

Please remember to let me know when you receive your package, too!




Terry in California said...

JULIE I mailed the center block and first round on Tuesday. I know how to leave a comment but haven't. Figured out to post. Sorry I did not email you.

rag55 said...

Julie , I mailed my block just now. I wanted to show it at my quilt guild before I put it in the mail. Everybody loved it , so I hope the final person does!!! Can't wait for the next round!!

Marie Joerger said...

Julie, Just posted - mailed this morning, sorry for the delay!

Kate North said...

Hi Julie, sorry, I thought I said with my sneak peek post, but re-reading it, I see it doesn't specify! Mine went in the post on Monday (17th). Haven't yet received one, but I will let you know.