Monday, March 24, 2014


I love to hear that you are mailing, receiving, working on and loving the pieces that are flying around the world and landing at your doorsteps.

When you post, can you please put your first names so I can know who you are?  I am not familiar with all the nicknames.  I know we have a history with long transit times to and from New Zealand (maybe because the US post office thinks it is above Canada!) and mine was mailed to Laurina in New Zealand. 

 It would help me a lot!  Thank you!

I hope the sled dog huskies in New Zealand doesn't eat my package!


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Laurina said...

I am slightly concerned about the geographical confusion. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope it arrives soon. Sled dogs will have trouble traveling across the Pacific and it's probably a bit warm here for them - no snow has ever fallen in Auckland!