Sunday, February 23, 2014

All right, you speedsters!

Hi all,

The deadline for mailing your "center block with one border" is March 20 -- that's nearly a month away!  If you finish way early, please hold off mailing until closer to the deadline -- for instance, March 10 -- so that the rest of us don't end up with projects piling up, getting buried, and feeling guilty for not working as fast as you!

If you've already mailed this time, don't worry about it... 

For the last round (quilted and bound, finished quilts) you can go ahead an mail them as soon as you finish.




sophie said...

Doh! Somehow I got it in my head that the deadline was the end of February ... so guess what I finished up today? I was just addressing the envelope to send it out tomorrow and was so happy to be finished on time.

mb. said...

oh dear. I didn't even think of that. Next week is Spring Break here & I was so anxious to get it in it's way before then because Spring Break week is the only time during the season that professors & their wives have any time to do anything on the farm & the week after is a long crazy scramble to pre-finals. I should have just clipped it to the fridge & mailed it closer-to. Sorry to put pressure on; it was only because I dreaded missing the deadline myself.

Mary Jane said...

March 10 - mailing mine onward today!