Saturday, December 21, 2013

Doors closing soon...

Here's a reminder to let me know soon if you want to be a part of the 2014 Cotton Robin!  I'm planning to get the lists organized right around New Year's Day.

Just to get started: your center block can be any size up to 81 square inches -- that means a 9" square or an 8" x 10" rectangle are the largest sizes. 

You will be sending your center block to me, and it should get here before the end of January.  If you're outside the US, please allow some extra time for the vagaries of international mail...

Please do not include anything on your center block that can't be quilted over (i.e. no embellishments at this point!)  In fact, the new rule is: No embellishments until the quilting round, because it's too difficult to quilt over/around them.

Other than that, the "rules" will be the same as before.

More soon,


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sophie said...

Hey Julie, it might be a good idea to link to the rules for any newcomers. When I went looking for them to share with the Block Lotto community, I found the original guidelines . You might want to update them and link them to make it easy for newbies to find.

I have decided on a center ... and plan to make it over the holidays. I'm excited to see what ever does this year.