Monday, July 8, 2013

The Wandering Quilt Has Wandered Home!!!

I just received my quilt from Laurina in New Zealand today!!!  I am so pleased it returned to is lovely!!!!  Thank you Kathleen, Sandra, and Laurina for the beautiful work you all did!!!!  Now I have one big decision to I display it with the center block horizontal or vertical!!!!  I hope all you "Cotton Robins" will help me make up my mind!


or Vertical???

Now, Julie...are all the quilts in? and, if so would you be willing to send the orphan block around with a schedule for us all to make for you?????


QuiltSwissy said...

Yes do!

I like it .....uh........horizontal! No, wait.....vertical......ohhhhh!

Kate North said...

I like the horizontal view (i.e. the one with the central "pillars" running vertically!)

roccagal said...

I luv it with the center lines going vertically-that is how I made the border but you can do it whichever way your heart desires!

sophie said...

When you made the center, which way did you think it ought to go? That's how I would hang it.

I was at the post office yesterday chatting with the clerk about the adventure your quilt must have had. Like I told him, I didn't realize that some international mail can end up traveling on a "slow boat" if we don't specify AIR MAIL. Coincidentally, I was sending lotto blocks to Finland and New Zealand, so it was a good reminder.

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh this is just lovely! I love all of those colors with the black. It looks so perfect all together it's hard to believe it is a round robin. :)