Friday, June 14, 2013

today's update

Just checking in to let you all know where we're at with the various robins...

- I have photos from all the "finishers" except Nan and Jay

- I heard from Anne, Glen, Janet, Laurina, Marie, Mary Jane, Sophie and Tami that their quilts are home.

I've heard from Tami, Glen, Sandra, Kathleen, Marie and Janet that they mailed off the quilts they finished (going to Catherine, Kate, Rachel, Liz, Nan and Terry).

If you've received a quilt but you're not on my list, please let me know. 
I know Jay was running a little late, but I need an update, and I need to hear from Nan!

Unfortunately, we have one quilt that's gone AWOL between Canada and New Zealand, which is ultimately destined for Jay.  I'll be organizing a search party, or a sewing bee, pretty soon..

As soon as all the rest of the quilts are home, I'll do the big reveal!



Anne said...

I mailed mine off long ago and sent you a picture before doing so. :) If you need that picture again, let me know and I'll forward it to you. :)

QuiltSwissy said...

I would be happy to help with the AWOL quilt. I was convinced it was mine, so I can offer help in whatever capacity you need it!

roccagal said...

I definitely want to be a part of the replacements as it went missing on my watch!!!
I also communicated with Jay and she would like the quilt pic that I sent you to be posted on the reveal.

sophie said...

Me, three! I'm definitely up for being part of the sewing party, if one is needed to replace the lost quilt.

Terry in California said...

I have sent a finished WH and received mine.

Laurina said...

Since I missed out on the last round, I'm happy to do another one. I understand if nobody wants to risk sending it to NZ, but I believe it was a one off thing.