Friday, June 21, 2013

are you ready? THE BIG REVEAL Is Here!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! The results of your hard with no further delay:

This was Anne's center
And the quilt finished by Julie, Marie and Sophie:

 Here is Catherine's center block

and the quilt finished by Kate, Mary Jane and Tami:

 Next up is Glen's center

And the quilt finished by Catherine, Kate and Julie:

 This is Janet's center compass
and the quilt finished by Laurina, Rachel and Terry.

 This was Jay's center block

and the top that sadly went astray on the way to New Zealand, by Kathleen and  Sandra:
 Here is Julie's center

and the quilt finished by Marie, Tami and Liz:

Now for Kate's original block
 and the quilt finished by Mary Jane, Terry and Glen:

Kathleen started with a little Mola block

And this is the quilt created by Nan, Sophie and Jay

 Here is Laurina's center block

 and the finished quilt by Rachel, Anne and Catherine

 Next is Liz's bright center
 and the wild finish by Sandra, Catherine and Kathleen:

 This is Marie's center block


 and the finished quilt by Sophie, Glen and Kate

 Mary Jane started with similar fabrics

 And her completely different quilt was made by Tami, Janet and Rachel:

 This one was Nan's center block
And here is the quilt made by  Terry, Jay and Marie

Rachel started with this lovely applique
and the quilt was created by Anne, Laurina and Sandra

This was Sandra' starter block

  and the terrific quilt made by Liz, Kathleen, and Nan:

Here is Sophie's cute skier

 And the snowy mountain quilt made by Glen, Julie and Mary Jane:

 here is Tami's center block

And the quilt made by Janet, Nan and Anne

Last but not least -- here is Terry's starter block
And the fabulous finish by  Jay, Liz and Janet:

For those who are wondering, I am arranging a replacement quilt for Jay and all I know so far is that Sandra is sending me a center block... I'll get in touch with those who have volunteered to do a round, and will post a photo of the starter and the finished quilt in due course.

Thanks to all of you who participated in this folly --   we had a few bumps but I think the results are splendid! We'll do it again one of these days...



sophie said...

Wow! What a great collection of little round robin quilts!

Frog Quilter said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this. When is the next one??? Can we do it soon?

QuiltSwissy said...

As always, I am totally impressed with the transformation from before to after? We do make things better, don't we?

Thanks to everyone who worked on my little piece, I do so love it.

Jay said...

These are all just great!! And thanks for posting my little lost all did a great job on it!! Thanks!! And who knows!! It may still show up sometime!!

ma smalls said...

I was delighted and surprised to receive my finished quilt in the mail this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

My friend is over and noticed my wonderful wall hanging and was totally amazed and so I just happened to check to see the great reveal! All I can say is WOW - I love mine,,,,, and everyone did such a great job!

Anne said...

Wow, the difference from the center alone to the finished hangings are just wonderful!
I love each and every quilt, especially mine!! *grin*

I agree with others.. when's the next one, I had a blast with this one and can't wait to do another one!

Mary Jane said...

They are all beautiful. When can we do this again?!?!

Anonymous said...

Every one is a fabulous work of art - what an amazing, talented group of quilters!

I can't wait to see wait you do next!


roccagal said...

I am so impressed with the varied imaginations and the HUGE talent in this group!
Kudos to all the participants, you all did splendid work!
I have not received my quilt yet and seeing it here was sooo exciting! Now I cannot wait to see it in person!
Thanks so much for making it just perfect Liz, Kathleen and Nan!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Wow Rachel, I love the quilting that you did on Mary Jane's quilt. Gorgeous!!

Terry in California said...

WOW! This was my first round robin and I really learned a lot and enjoyed it so much. THANKS to Julie and the "Artists" that worked to complete my block.

Kate North said...

Once again, they look so wonderful - and I don't think anyone could have predicted the finished quilts from the starting blocks, which is of course part of the joy of doing round robins. I'm very pleased with my own quilt, which nicely mixes traditional with funky - and I had a lot of fun (and perhaps only a tiny bit of stress) working on the three very different pieces I received. I'm in again next time, for sure!

rag55 said...

I have to add my WOW to these outcomes!!!!! I am amazed at how they all turned out!!!! As I looked at each one, I thought that one was the best (2nd to mine of course)!!!! They all looked GREAT!!!! Anne, you really made Laurina's block come alive with that pop of color!! I love it!!!!!! I am just learning machine quilting so, Thanks Tami!!!