Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Quilt On Its Way Home

Auditioning Thread for Quilt #3Last year, I was one of the last (if not THE last) to finish, so I was especially motivated to get it done earlier this time around and not become a problem child for Julie.  It helped that as soon as I opened the envelope, I had some ideas about how I wanted to quilt it.

I'll be taking the finished quilt to the post office later this afternoon, after some much needed rain stops coming down in buckets.

Here are some hints to help you guess if it might be yours.

I had considered some embellishment (and asked the question a few days ago), but decided it wasn't needed.  I did add lots of quilting though–here are some of the threads I auditioned. I used all but one of these and a couple more.

The fabric you see in the background is the backing fabric.  You can see it again, below, in a photo of the 2-inch split sleeve I added to the back of the quilt.

Split Hanging Sleeve

Here are some sepia-toned detail photos of the piped binding and free motion quilting.  I thought I had lost my piping trimming tool in my move from Texas last year; I was happy to find it and directions with measurements for making a skinny piped binding.

Sepia Toned hint - piped binding Sepia Toned Hint - bed of roses fill pattern Sepia Toned Hint - Feather Quilting

This quilt doesn't have to travel far–if it's yours, I hope you like it.

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Laurina said...

So jealous that you've finished already and I can't wait to see it in color. I'm itching to get started but mine is apparently taking the land route from Canada to NZ. I suspect that is via Alaska, Russia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia! (Yes, I did look at a map.)