Monday, June 18, 2012

Home...and What A Wonderful Surprise!!!

We got home from our long trip last night...went to the post office this morning to pick up a ton of mail and my quilt block has returned to me...looking absolutely fabulous!!!  Everyone who added to it made it just look better and better!!  Kate...You and I have traded before...I have a lovely postcard you made from years ago..thanks for what you added; you made my little block so exquisite!!  Julie...your second border really gave my block  pizazz!  Both borders turned my poor little block into a beauty!!  And Andrew..(another good ol' Texan!), your quilting is just out of this world!!  It really completed and enhanced the entire Cotton Robin.  If you all couldn't tell...I am just thrilled! When do we get to do another one!!!!!?????

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j-andrew said...

I'm so glad you liked my quilting. I though it was so funny that when I posted a preview of the back of the finished quilt you were the one who commented on it! I really enjoyed working on it, I hope you enjoy having it, I think it is my favorite!. I didn't want to give it up!