Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Big Reveal

Of course blogger loaded all the photos in a different order than I had intended... but here we go! In alphabetical order:

This was Amy's block (there's supposed to be a secret code in the 
block but I haven't figured it out yet):
And this was the fabulous creation of Julie H, Gwen and Glen:
Here is Andra's center block:
 And here is the charming work of Andrew, Sophie and Laurina:
 This is Andrew's robin:
 And the finished quilt by Jay, Mary Jane, and Julie W:
 Glen started with a wild center:
And here is the work of Kristin, Kate and Mary Jane:
 Gwen started with a charming lighthouse:
And here is the finished quilt by Mary Jane and Melinda
  (Melinda did two parts of this one... it's a long story)
Here's another wild one, from Jay:
 And the very cool finish by Kate, Julie H and Andrew:
This is Julie H's traditional center block:
And the finished quilt by Amy, Glen, and Kristin:
 Next up is my center block (from a book of Japanese block patterns):
 And the fabulous finish by Andra, Andrew, and Nan
 Here is Kate's intriguing center:
And the finish by Tami, Kristin, and Jay:
this one gets an extra photo of Jay's charming dragonfly embellishment!
 Here is Kristin's center block:
 And the sweet quilt created by Gwen, Tami, and Julie H:
 This was Laurina's center block -- is there a bird theme going here, or what?
And the quirky quilt from SOPHIE Amy, Julie W, and Gwen:
(sorry, Sophie!)
 Mary Jane stared with another bright one:
 And here's how it was finished by Glen, Andra, and Kate:

This was Melinda's wonky star center:
And a wonderful finish by Nan, Laurina, and Amy :
(a kakariki is a type of parakeet from New Zealand)

Next up is Nan's center block:
And the pretty quilt created by Melinda, Amy, and Tami:
Sophie started with an ambitious star:
And this terrific quilt was finished by Laurina, Nan, and Andra:
 Last but not least is Tami's center:
 And the quilt created by Julie W, Jay, and Sophie:

I hope you all enjoyed the show -- and working on the quilts!  I think they all came out really well, and I only gained a few gray hairs along the way...   be sure to post a link to this page so your friends can see all the results.  Once I decide I'm crazy enough, we'll do another round.


sophie said...

Wow! What an interesting body of work. I'm sorry to have caused some of those gray hairs.

FYI, I added the first round to Laurina's bird quilt--not really a "round" since it was only three sides ...

The Calico Cat said...

Secret code:
J is for Jump Rope
A is for Apple
C is for cupcake
O is for Owl
B is for Banana

Around the label you couls also read ILOVE (one word - had to stick with 5) J is for Jello, etc. (I don't have it handy.) But my son's name is all 5 letters...

imquilternity said...

How wonderful they all are!

Jay said...

Thanks so much for hosting this challenge, Julie! All the quilts are just wonderful!! I know you need a breather, but when ever you are ready for another "round" count me in!!! Or if any of you out there start a challenge, I would be interested!! Maybe some day I will be brave enough to host one of my own!!

j-andrew said...

It really has been fun to see what everyone has come up with! Thanks again, Julie, for hosting this.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

What a fantastic collection of mini quilts! It's interesting to see the diversity of styles and colors in this group. Thanks Julie for hosting the robin!!

QuiltSwissy said...

They are all amazing!!!! Thank you all soooo much for letting me play with you and the fabulous quilts. I want to do this again!!

Thank you for hosting the robin! You rule!!!


Miki Willa said...

What fun! All of them turned out beautifully. I am sure everyone is very excited about where their original blocks ended up. Great job, everyone.

McIrish Annie said...

Love Round Robins and this was really great! Lots of great quilters with fabulous finishes.

Lisa Richards said...

These quilts are just gorgeous! I just wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting my blog! My two sons live in the Ft. Worth area. It's a long story how they got from Northern Minnesota to Ft. Worth! :D
Happy quilting!

Quilter Kathy said...

That was a great quilt much creativity!

Lynda said...

Thank you so much for showing all these quilts - the opportunity to see the starting block was really interesting. It just shows how good round robins can be, if you have creative participants!

Shelly said...

LOVE the lighthouse!!