Friday, April 27, 2012

Very, very late, but this is a sneak peek of the second border. It's in the mail to Julie H (sent via USPS Priority). Since we're in the same state it should arrive really soon. Sadly I had no excuses for not getting it done in time. Just a bad case of the blues. I'm hoping that as the weather starts to get nicer that I'll feel more upbeat too.

It's shown in greyscale so that it's not too obvious who's quilt this belongs to. There are 34 large flying geese in the final border preceded by that dark skinny border that separates the small hourglass blocks from the geese.

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Julie in the Barn said...

Sorry you are feeling blue, Tami. Cheer up, Spring is in the air! Thanks for the heads up...I'll be stalking my mail box.