Thursday, March 15, 2012

Royal Mail Received

What fun to get a package from the United Kingdom. My hubby was all excited when he went out to the mail box in the pouring rain and discovered it. He said it made the slog through the wet worthwhile. I could hardly wait to open it and find the treasure inside. And it is a treasure indeed. Oh My! This is going to be a challenge. Julie in the Barn

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Musicmama said...

Hey JUlie in the barn, I just received my topper today. I love the borders you did and don't think I'll need to trim much more than half an inch to make the next border fit. The next border popped into my mind almost instantly and I even managed to find the fabrics needed to do it. Almost every piece in my stash is Thimbleberry, batik, or a non-wanted floral. Happy quilting.

Gwen aka Musicmama