Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pieced Borders, Three Ways

I finally finished up and will be sending my quilt#1 onto Julie tomorrow. 

Although I initially planned for 4 borders and more symmetry, after I added three, it seemed "just right. 

I added a foundation pieced border (shown here in Black and White--I promise there is enough contrast in real life colors):

And I added an itty bitty checkerboard border, pieced in a traditional way, made from 1/2 inch (finished size) squares:

The third border is liberated style, improvisationally pieced words ... which I am not going to share because–even in black and white--it would be too telling ;-) 

I'm sorry for the delay, Julie.  I will send you an email after I drop it off at the post office to confirm that it's on the way. 


QuiltSwissy said...

Oh oh oh! I hope it is mine!!!!!!


sophie said...

It's funny to work on something and have no idea WHOSE quilt it is--but, if you like it, I hope it's yours, too.

FYI, Julie, I stopped at the PO on the way to work, so it's on it's way to you.