Saturday, March 17, 2012

My next package has (apparently) been here for a while ...

The mailman that delivers at my apartment almost NEVER leaves a note when I have a package.  If I'm lucky and know something's coming, I can start tracking it down, it is sometimes at the property manager's office. sometimes at the post office, sometimes returned to sender.  

When Julie emailed me yesterday and let me know that a quilt had been sent to me TWO WEEKS ago, I suspected it had happened again.  I went to bed hoping I didn't have to race around town looking for it.  Because SXSW--a huge Music/film/interactive/education event--has taken over Austin and it's currently impossible to "race" anywhere and all travel pretty much crawls.

I have the quilt.  Border number one on this piece is so amazing, what should follow is not at all obvious ... I wish the mailman hadn't robbed me of those two weeks--I could have used the time to just think and play.

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