Saturday, February 11, 2012

This will be the tale of 3 borders. So sit back a minute...

1. When I got my center, I was pleased as punch & knew exactly what I wanted to do. Then came the math... That idea never really gained traction for all of the math. But in my mind it was pretty cool.
2. Border 3 also included math (Which one wouldn't, right?) but this time it would add too many inches to the project - but based on the finished about 20 inches parameter & for the center itself.
3. Border 3 - you can see above how I cut with templates & how I auditioned it. :o)
I pieced the corners to give me the size needed for the sides. I then trimmed the sides down - for me this is usually easier that sewing skinny strips. & My initial length measurements were only 3/4 of an inch off - easy to unpick & trim to the appropriate size. YAY! Everything worked so well & I am quite pleased with how it looks - especially next to the center.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Very interesting. I enjoyed your progression though the borders ideas.

Your quilt life experience is like mine. But I keep plugging along, sometimes mistakes are happy ones! If not, I can live with an off center quilt. I'll just say, it is ART! LOL.

glen: most of all, I have a lot of fun!