Thursday, December 29, 2011

Waking up from a long sleep.....

Or that is what it feels like.  I have to apologize to everyone.  I will be so glad to get 2011 over with.  in the last two months --My beloved dog died 2 weeks ago after 8 months of bone cancer, I put my mom into hospice with end stage alzheimers, a "good" friend of mine stole my design work and gave an interview to the newspaper saying that she was the Quilt Show Chair not I,  and I had a three week trip to Egypt/Greece/Rome/Turkey in there as well. To say I was not in the mind for the vacation or Christmas would be an understatment!

But I am re-entering the world once more.  And have my block done.  I love it!

So let me tell you what I did.  I printed the email so I have all the info.  But, silly me, did not bookmark the blog or the email or the email address.......aughhhh!  You would not believe what I had to do to find THIS again!  LOL  Taught me a lesson for sure.

So can you please send me the distribution list once more?  I am sooooo sorry.

I promise to keep track of things now.  Once 2012 gets here I will be firmly back in the world once again. 

Another friend and I made a pact - we decided last week we would stay totally drunk until 2012!  I wish!

glen:  The "good" friend was on the show committee but had never made a quilt before she gave the interview, which turned out to be a really nice half page article about her, "her" quilt  and "her" show.  Just incredible.


Jay said...

Sounds like you have had a rough year! May the coming year bring much more joy for you! I am new to this round robin and am very excited about it. I am sure you will get the info still have several days to get your block off. I am just about done with mine and hope to get it mailed out first of next week.

The Calico Cat said...

The end of the year (September to January) always seems to be hectic for me... Hope your first quarter is a lot better!