Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Stuff

A couple of you have asked about sending extra stuff along with your project, such as
- a label for everyone to sign
- little gifties for the people who will be working on your quilt
- an anonymous note
- more fabric

I think that the label and gifties are fine -- and completely optional -- but keep in mind the size/weight of the gifts so that mailing costs don't get out of hand!

Here's how I feel about notes and more fabric (other than the 1/4 yard that's in the original guidelines):  this is a little bit about giving up control!  It's a small quilt, not a huge commitment, so let the people who are working on your quilt use their creativity.   Relax! 

Is this too harsh? 



sophie said...

Not too harsh. You are a wise woman.

katelnorth said...

I agree with you and Sophie - the label is a nice idea - in fact, I think it was even required in one of the previous RRs of this type which I did (which is not to say I'm asking you to make it required!) but part of the fun of a RR is that you don't get to control it, once it leaves your hands, and too much fabric or too many notes negates that...

QuiltSwissy said...

Not harsh at all. Fraom past experience in my guild, people really do need guidelines. And, the gifties can get out of hand. Weight in mailing is a big deal.

glen: thanks

Jay said...

I agree...I like the idea of creative freedom!! And keeping it simple to mail. I do like the labels though...I like to know who the creators are...would this be an ongoing label that all who get each quilt would add to?

Andra Gayle said...

I can't wait to get all my Christmas projects done so that I can start on my block. I may even just have to steal a few minutes and do it anyway!

The Calico Cat said...

Before I get too far:
(other than the 1/4 yard that's in the original guidelines)

I did not see that in the original guidelines...