Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I've gotten some questions about the email I sent last night  (let me know if you did not receive yours) so here's how to interpret the instructions:

Mail your center block by January 15 to:
>>> Julie Waldman
(I will photograph your block and send it out to the person who's going to add the first border)

Mail block with 1 border by March 10 to:
>>> John Doe

>>> all fabrics must be purple
(these are the preferences for the center block you received, not the person you'll be mailing the first border to; you did not receive John Doe's center block!)

Mail block with 2 borders (flimsy) by April 20 to:
>>> Suzie Sunshine

>>> loves all those 30's fabrics and Sunbonnet Sue!
(these are the preferences for the center block with one border that you received, not the person you'll be mailing the second border to; you did not receive Suzie's project!)

Mail finished quilt by May 31 to:
>>> Jane Jetson

>>> The wilder the better, but it needs to be washable
(these ARE Jane's preferences, because you'll be mailing her finished quilt home to her)

Kristin had the great idea that I should include a copy of the preferences with each center block I send out, so that the preferences will accompany each center through its rounds -- I'll do that.

To sum up, four people will work on each quilt -- the center, the two borders, and the finishing. (I know I originally said five, but that was wrong)

Any other questions, just let me know!



sophie said...

I think Kristin's idea is a good one and will prevent the possibility of someone from adding "all purple" to a quilt that wants to be "30's repros" :-)

It might be NICE TO KNOW who will be sending us the block-with-one-border and the block-with-two-borders--just in case someone's quilt seems to be stuck somewhere, we can look on this blog for posts from the person we're waiting for and see if it's on the way before bugging you.

Please note that I think it's a NICE TO HAVE, but certainly not essential.

Mary Jane said...

Are we piecing the back or using one solid piece of fabric or makers' choice?

Jay said...

I am really excited about this swap...thanks for all you are doing Julie...You must be one of those really organized people I hear about...of which I am not!!!!!! I did click on an email that was from someone in this group and it turned out to be an ad for someone selling something. I didn't even read so I don't know for sure what is was...there was no indication of what the email would be but when I saw the name...I assumed it would be safe! Not so sure now! Am I being paranoid??????

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Sounds like you're on top of everything! Now I just have to figure out what I want to make for my center block.

The Calico Cat said...

Border - all the way around?

I've been trying to picture what might happen next to mine (though not as much as to make a nesting robin to compete with the round robin) & imagined something asymetrical...