Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dear Nan

I received a gorgeous block on Tuesday. When I saw the package still next to my chair (thank heaven!) I realized I'd done nothing except tear it open. You'd have thought it was my final quilt the way I opened it.
Any way, it's here and I am finished with school (forever!) on Thursday, so it looks like I'll have a fun project for my first day of retirement on Friday. I am very excited to begin work on this one.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Apologies to Helen

Helen, sorry, I think my brain's gone all middle aged and forgetful - I did send the quilt with two borders on to you to be finished off on the 19th of April (I've actually written the date on the instructions sheet - wasn't that organised of me?) - I have this clear (I thought) memory of posting a note here on the blog to say it was on the way and so forth, but apparently I either only wrote that note in my mind or I forgot to save it on the blog as it seems to never have appeared, and it wasn't until Julie chased me up to see if I'd sent my piece that I realised I hadn't said anything. I do hope it will arrive soon - seems to me it surely should have done so by now!

Quilt with row 2 received!!

Weeks ago actually!  From Peggy
Excited to get started....

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Oh, and...

I also received, several weeks ago, the finished block for me to quilt from TracyAnn C. It's a beautiful top. I'm looking forward to quilting it.

On Its Way!

I just sent off my finished block to Sophie W. It should be there soon!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Mailed and Received

I got the top off to Donna.  I hit the post office between the vet and the lawyers office.  Yep, filing a suit against a contractor.

When I got home, my top was in the mailbox from Julie.  Wow, what a dramatic round!  And I had to look up a word....that ought to confuse everyone, huh!

And would you believe, I don't have a single piece of *the main color* in my flood depleted stash?  Figures that I would get that one, right?

And the quilt shop closed after the online shopping it is!  Which is very, very, very dangerous......


Whew Made It! 2!!!!

Got the second row on and it's hitting the mail today to Peggy, SC.